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Download Zombie Idle Defence MOD Apk Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Download Zombie Idle Defence is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.


Zombie Idle Defence is the latest release by the makers of zombie killing adventure game undead horde. In this game the players are tasked to defend their base from the incoming waves of zombie attack. You can also build your own base from scratch using a variety of tools. The players can also purchase and buy upgrades for the different weapons and armour available in the game. In addition to that, the players have the choice of choosing from the different careers which allow the players to further customise the gameplay and the game-flow.


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Download Zombie Idle Defence apk latest version 2021

Zombie Idle Defence Game is available for free download now for PC and iPhone. In this game the player has to save the world from the impending zombies attack. Set in the post-apocalyptic world, you ll digested build up squad of odd characters, level up using devastating zombie idle RPG weapons, and survive against increasing incremental gruelling levels of difficulty as well. If you think you are up to the challenge, you can try the single player variant of the game free of cost. The best thing about Zombie Idle Defence Game is that you can be as deep and involved in the game’s storyline as you want and yet you can enjoy the single player variant while you level up and develop your skills.


Zombie idle zombies are extremely simple to play, yet the real challenge lies in defending your base from them with a range of weapons including the hand grenades, hand gun and machine gun. For all these weapons you need to invest some money into the different gadgets available in the market. You also get to choose the role of either male or female character, and can see the other players online too. The role-playing game is totally free to play and the various stages are designed in a way so that you are never stuck at a particular stage for long.

Zombie Idle Defence apk unlock

Zombie idle defence is an exciting and engrossing idle game that you can play alone or compete with friends online too. The game is set in a high tech military prison. The story begins with a series of mysterious circumstances leading to the prison being invaded by zombies. The lone survivor of the prison, who happens to be a teenage boy, has certain powers that allow him to control the zombies. These powers allow him to shoot at the zombies as they approach the area. The objective of the game is for the boy to kill as many zombies as he can, while protecting his base from further attack from the zombies.


Zombie Idle Defence features a boy who has a strange power called the ‘Zap’. This special power allows the boy to cause the zombies to stop moving once he clicks his mouse. To charge up his ‘Zap’, the boy must shoot at the zombies with the left mouse button. The more he hits the zombies with his shot, the more electricity will be produced and this will damage the zombies. Shooting the zombies with the left mouse button while they are walking past you will cause them to stop walking once they come into the line of sight of you.


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The game is quite challenging, especially for those who have no prior knowledge on how to use the left mouse button to cause the zombies to stop walking. It is extremely frustrating when you are just a beginner. This game is different from the usual click and kill games that are available on the Internet. Zombie Idle Defence is a combination of two games that are both enjoyable and challenging. In order to advance further, the boy must collect energy packs every time he wins a battle. When the amount of energy is low, the zombies will stop walking, but will not leave until the boy gets more energy by shooting them with the left mouse button.

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This game is very entertaining, as the boy can move faster than the zombies, and therefore advance much faster. The controls are simple and work just the same way as any other first person shooter. The left mouse button will allow the player to shoot zombies, which will damage them, or throw them off the map where they cannot advance any further.


This game is available to those who own the Zombie Laser Defense, as is the Zombie Attack. It will take about thirty minutes of game play for the player to complete the game. The controls in this game work the same way as the ones in Zombie Laser Defense, although, the player must be very quick when it comes to moving their character on the screen. The game has many levels, as there are over twenty levels in total. The best part of the game is that after completing the game on any level, one has the option to continue playing from the beginning or return to the previous levels by selecting the ‘back’ button on their keyboard.