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Foco Design App is a free mobile application from Foco, the developer of the popular Foco Impressions software. It offers you an easy and quick way to create amazing images with high quality photographs taken using any digital camera. This mobile application offers many features which make it different from other digital camera alternatives. With Foco Design App you can easily edit the quality of the image, choose a background, apply a different style or even merge multiple photos together. The best thing about Foco Design App is that you are provided with step-by-step instructions on how to do all these things. You can download Foco Design App Latest Update (version 4) for FREE from Foco’s official website.

Graphics and Visual Quality

FOCODESIGN App has the Foco Design App Video Editor and Foco Motion Gallery. With the Foco Design App Video Editor you can easily edit the quality of your video and make it look like something that was shot with a high resolution smartphone. In addition, Foco Design App gives you a lot of options for optimizing videos for YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. You can also share the videos on your Facebook, Twitter and email them to your friends.


Foco Design App has a lot of themes and templates from which you can choose the one that suits your taste and requirement. These themes and templates are ready to be used and customized according to your requirements. With the Foco Design App, you can quickly and easily combine multiple photos and images in order to make a collage that can be used as a wall sticker or as a badge or pin. You can also edit and modify these images or use them in the Foco Motion Gallery. There are also many other exciting features and benefits which Foco Design App offers to its users.


To add Foco Design App to your cell phone, you just need to download the free “Stock” version of Foco Design App from the iTunes Store. Once downloaded, you can go ahead and install it onto your locked iPhone using the built-in installation process. Once installed, you can start using Foco Design App by choosing from the templates that are available in the main interface. You can change the style, color and theme of the template as per your preference. You can apply filters and set the transparency of the template to customize it completely.

Effects & Sounds

This is not the first app that supports Google Android in a totally cross-platform manner. Foco Design App uses the same Google Android SDK that has been used by many companies across the world to develop applications and games for the iPhone and iPad. The Foco Design App has a number of unique features compared to other cross-platform Android apps:


Foco Design App has several powerful features like, image composer, video editor, photo effects, wallpaper maker and much more. With the help of the images, you can create a variety of effects and themes. The video editor allows you to edit videos using different formats such as high-definition, standard definition and standard video. In the photo effects section, you can apply filters, apply picture effects and apply text effects to your pictures. With the help of the keyboard editor, you can write text on any of the elements of the screen.


Foco Design App has lots of unique and powerful features like, collage maker, scrapbook maker, photo effects and much more. With the help of the collage maker, you can easily create stunning collages and save them in your album. You can also apply different graphic designs and logos on different parts of the screen using the logo maker. The scrapbook and photo effects sections will help you to apply stickers, apply a theme to your images and change colors of your icons and widgets.

Experience After Reviw

Foco Design App is simple yet powerful. It is designed such that it does not require any complicated installation process or downloads. It has a very simple interface, so that anyone with average technical knowledge can use it. Foco Design App also comes with a wide collection of wallpapers and icons. You can get high quality wallpapers from various online websites for free.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers

Foco Design App is definitely not an easy app. To enjoy the advantages that Foco Design App offers you have to know how to make the most out of the unique features of Foco Design App. With Foco Design App you are sure to experience the ultimate of Foco Design technology coupled with your unique ideas and taste. Foco Design App offers a variety of different Features that you can utilize to gain the maximum from your cell phones.


Foco Design App includes many useful collages and templates that help you create amazing content on the go. The templates are fully-customizable and are designed to cater to different users’ needs and styling requirements. Foco Design App has several social media ready templates that you can choose from in order to start making creative social media marketing pages. These templates have been specifically crafted to work perfectly on both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Fully unlocked

Foco Design App is also packed with over 45 templates for various elements such as photos, graphics, movies, and text. These templates are easily customizable and you are sure to find the template that suits your individual needs. The templates are available in high resolution, retina quality, and low resolution formats so that you get perfect results regardless of what device you are using. Foco Design App offers several different editing and management features so that you are sure to make the most of all the features. Foco Design App allows you to manage and edit your content from anywhere at any time, with no restrictions whatsoever!


You can use Foco Design App to edit images, text, video, links, and more – simply edit your desired content and then publish it. Foco Design App includes a full-featured editing tool with a variety of options to help you save time and make creative decisions. The layout generator allows you to quickly and easily change the layout of your screen. You can also preview your changes before saving them in order to ensure that everything looks perfect.


Foco Design App allows you to quickly import and edit videos and photographs. You can import a picture or a piece of video directly from your digital camera or your computer. If you need to add text to a picture or video, the inbuilt grammar and spell checker will do the job for you. Foco Design App has an impressive list of add-ons which makes it easier than ever to create professional looking images, layouts, and videos with ease.


Foco Design App gives you many options in terms of camera support. It has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of being able to edit videos and photos without having to download and install a separate photo or video editing software. You can also share your pictures and videos using the built-in social media sharing features in Foco Design App. The film maker also lets you add graphics and text while the video is being made – this makes the film easy to share with friends and family. Foco Design App gives you options in font size, font color and styles so that you create the most appealing and professional looking documents. Foco Design App is an outstanding photo and movie editing program that are packed with features for professional photographers, graphic designers and other professionals.


The Foco Design App video editor has powerful features such as import/export, preview and save, delete, move, flip, redo, and edit cropping, panning, and zooming. The Foco Design App video editor has a complete range of editing tools including image imports, export, video exports, image ships, titles, subtitles and customizations. This amazing app is designed specifically for iOS devices, which means that it is ideal for all categories of professional photography, such as macro, lifestyle, and nature. This amazing app is packed with features that make the editing process fast and efficient.


With Foco Design App, you get to edit videos, images, and even scans. With a single purchase, you are allowed to open up to 10 images within your library, edit videos and images, and scan documents. If you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, this amazing app is an excellent investment that will improve your business. Even if you are not involved with the film industry, this amazing app is still perfect for you. With filmorago pro, you get to edit videos, images, and scans, and even purchase items and enter sweepstakes.

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