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Among Us game has become very popular among the people of different age groups. This social deduction game is considered one of the best games of its kind. People can play the game without any payment. However, in this game one needs to choose the best player among others and then choose the best path to reach the end goal.


Among Us is a free multiplayer web game published and developed by American mobile application studio Intersloth. It was first released on iOS and Android mobiles in June 2021 and then on Microsoft Windows in December 2021, featuring cross-platform play between them. In the upcoming updates of the game, the story mode will also be enhanced with new dungeons and storylines to play. The game also includes several other characters such as Kim, Zsanett, Rufus adore, who are featured as the main characters in the game.

Among Us apk download latest version 2021

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One of the major additions that the developers of the game have introduced in the upcoming version is the option to switch between the two player character options, allowing players to take control of the other character and try to solve the puzzles using their own moves and strategies. One can also control the two characters at the same time by moving the cursor over their portrait, while chatting with the other player and discussing about the moves they will make using their respective powers. Using the available tools, players can also build up the strength of their characters, giving them the ability to use stronger weapons or shields and so on. When the players want to go back to the main plot, they just need to go back to the main menu. The story mode offers various challenges and is great fun for all those fans of strategy games.

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Among Us game features a number of exciting levels, which include an all out battle with the Shifar, a huge and powerful ancient creature who will attack you as soon as you enter the area. The game also introduces the player to some new allies, who help you fight against the Shifar. The multiplayer mode allows you to team up with the other players in the game to take on the toughest opponents. Some of the maps in the game feature a split screen co-op mode. This allows the players to work together to beat the enemy. The downloadable version does not offer any multiplayer option.

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The game features some impressive features such as the four original heroes – Kim, Luke, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, who must save the Earth from the clutches of the Shifar and its allies. In order to do so, the players need to use a wide variety of weapons and gadgets, including explosives, guns, energy beam, lightning bolt, and freeze ray. Each character has different strength, speed and armor. There are also a number of vehicles available for use including the Batmobile, the flying FAST Turbo, and the cool and powerful Batboat. The online game allows the players to select their favored vehicles and to modify them with upgrades, accessories and enhancements. Downloadable content enables the players to enhance the features of the vehicles.


Among Us gives the players an opportunity to learn more about the interesting world of the DC Universe. The fighting game also introduces the interesting sidekicks and supporting cast of the DC Universe. The four primary characters are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, and the secondary characters include Robin, Batgirl, Hawkgirl and Nightwing. All the characters have their own special feature and are featured in the different episodes of the show.

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A special feature of the downloadable version is the fact that it offers the players the chance to experience the intense excitement of the DC Universe using the features of the popular animated TV series, while playing the flash game – Among Us: Superfriends. The game takes place in the same world as the popular animated TV series, and the players will get to see the interactions between the main characters in the series. There are various versions of the episodes, each featuring a different superhero. The season one of the show has the Fury arc, and the second arc is Revenge of the Faceless God in the second season.


The free online game features the exciting storyline, high quality art and animation, and great sound effects. The game features a great user interface, with smooth game play mechanics and easy to use controls. It can be downloaded from the web, from a website that offers downloads of any kind of video game or comic book.

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Other features include high-quality sound effects, a large selection of vehicles, a wealth of user created content and countless online gamers around the world who can be found in forums discussing the game.