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Download Affairs 3D Silly Secrets MOD (Latest/Unlimited Money) Apk Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this ) Download Affairs 3D Silly Secrets Apk is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

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The hottest way to have loads of fun is with the Affairs 3D Silly Secrets Game. There are so many good free online games available for gamers of all ages. In many video games the objective is to obtain different objects, shapes and even different set points to beat the system. To accomplish this task, just follow the simple directions to manipulate the available exclusive Affairs 3D Silly Secrets Gameplay.

Experience After Reviw

You can see the action unfold before your eyes in the Affairs 3D Silly Secrets Game. A triangle containing a number is traced on the screen while you use the mouse to point and drag it to alter its position. The same action is done while clicking on any of the four corners of the triangular object. The angles and speeds used while dragging and changing the object’s position will determine how it will be controlled during the course of play.


This game has an overall rating of B, which means it’s pretty hard to achieve. This difficulty level makes the game less appealing to players who do not wish to exert too much effort or patience in its play. It also means that new players who are just learning about playing computers will have a hard time grasping the complicated controls and the intricacies of the visual display. On the other hand, playing the game may prove to be very enjoyable and enlightening for those who have already played before. They just need to master a few basic moves before they advance to more complicated stages.


The game is available in different versions, including level one, two, and three. Each level follows a different storyline. The first level focuses on introducing you to the characters in the game, while the second one adds more puzzle elements to make it more interesting. The third and fourth levels add more of the funny elements to the gameplay. The highest difficulty setting, called the True level, is the most difficult of all the levels available.

Effects & Sounds

The game can be played in single player and multi-player modes. In single player mode, you can take on the role of either PC or MAC (uses Windows). The focus of the game is to solve the mystery behind the characters using a variety of techniques. You can also compete with other players online for a share of the winnings. However, you can only move forward in the levels if you have enough powers available in the store to last you until the end.


The power ups available include the likes of freeze cream, pop fly, pop up, and the I’m a wreck emote. When you get to use these power ups, you have to press the square button on the bottom toolbar of your keyboard. A green arrow appears on screen to indicate that you are holding down the shift key while using the said power ups. Pressing the space bar will block your progress and you will have to wait until you release the key again to be able to use the item. There are a total of 25 power ups in the game and they are not randomly picked; you have to buy them from the shop.


The controls in the game are simple: left click to move the camera, and right click to do the magic spells. The items you buy from the shop are not affected by any weather conditions so you can use them regardless of whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny. There is also an option to turn the music off during play, which can be useful for those who don’t want to hear any background noises during game play.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The fact that there are no time limits means that you can spend as much time as you want to take advantage of everything this game has to offer. You can even skip between levels if you are playing on low levels. This is possible thanks to the unlock ability, which grants you access to every level before unlocking it. For those who want an extra challenge, the secret technique unlock is also available, which places you in a cut scene where you have to make the perfect decision regarding which of the many possible decisions will lead to success or failure. The game is extremely challenging, but it’s fun too, especially considering the amount of effort you have to put in to find all the hidden objects and advance to the next level.


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Affairs 3D Silly Secrets Apk Download Latest Version 2021

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