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Zoo 2 Animal Park is an exciting game with good graphics and sound quality. After you finish playing the game for few times, you will be craving for more. Zoo 2 Animal Park contains many different animals to encounter and care for at your farm. There are so many options to choose from. You will enjoy spending time on researching about different animals and even caring for them.

Zoo 2 Animal Park Game Story

Zoo 2 Animal Park (1)

Zoo 2 is a realistic simulation of setting up a real-life zoo in real time. When your aunt dies of old age, you are required by your uncle to take over her farm. There are so many things to do in the game. From breeding animals, to buying the right food, to training them, to caring for their health – there are so many things to achieve and accomplish in this game. You can even raise barn animals, like horses and cows.


The storyline is set in 20th century America, where a new system of genetically altered animals is introduced to control over pests and wild animals. The villainous Doctor Frasier Crane creates a virus that destroys most animals and starts a biological warfare against the humans who are protected by law. When your father passes away, you have been entrusted to take over his business and run it as he pleases. As the new owner of the Zoo, you have to establish the Zoo, raise funds, purchase the animals and run the Zoo as effectively as possible. Zoo 2 Animal Park features several attractions such as the Aquarium, Zoo Gas Station, Safari Garage, and more.


Zoo 2 has very good game play. You can enjoy the time playing the game with a high quality LCD touch screen and on-screen pointers which give you a good time taking care of the animals. The on-screen pointers have separate images of different animals and zoos which helps a lot to locate them quickly.

The graphics are well created with cartoon-like characters and attractive scenes. The sounds are natural with pleasant tones and accents. The sounds match well with the game as well and you will enjoy the experience as well. The animals are well detailed as they move around the screen.


Zoo 2 Animal Park (2) (1)

The Zoo 2 Animal Park features various modes and you can choose the one you like best. Some of the games feature a split screen option and you can play the game while having some family members with you as well. Some of the modes include Endless Park, Time Trial, Endless, and Endless Adventure. There are also other exciting modes like puzzles, arcade, and more. There are various levels in this game and you should challenge yourself to complete them all.


There are several levels including the starter, medium, and top versions of the game. The graphics are nicely done and the controls and features are smooth. The user interface is very simple and you will get a nice feel about the game after playing it for a couple of times.


Zoo Animal Park has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. It is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more and even when you have played it once you want to try it again. The best part is that it offers the users with various gaming features and you will love playing this game.


You will find nine animals to feed and care for. The challenge will be to make sure that all of them stay healthy. Each animal will have its own tasks and they need to be fulfilled as well. It will be up to you on how you will deal with the animals and their problems. You can feed them, train them, give them exercise, and train other animals as well.

Zoo 2 Animal Park Game Graphics and Visual Quality

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The story line revolves around a boy who finds a dead body in the zoo. The doctor who is in charge of the zoo suspects that it was a virus caused by a monkey that escaped from a cage. The boy took it to the morgue and realized that the body was not really a human. There were no signs of trauma and the cause of death is still a mystery. He then decides to open the zoo’s vault where they discovered an ornate golden egg.


You will also find the different types of animals in the zoo. You will see alligators, lions, zebras, ostriches, and gazelles. The variety is quite vast, so there is something for everyone here. This zoo will surely make your day wonderful and exciting.


Zoo Two Animal Park Game is the second release in the Zoo Interactive series. This time, you get to help them look after their baby gorillas. You can help them look after five newborn gorillas who need your help in protecting their mother’s babies. The game provides a fun and exciting gaming experience for people of all ages.


Zoo Two Animal Park Game has been ranked as one of the top downloaded apps in the App Store for iPhones. It has been downloaded by more than fifty million users from around the world. The game features eight different levels, which are all presented in 3D models.

Experience After Zoo 2 Animal Park Gameplay

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There are various animals like Gorillas, Monkeys and Dolphins in the game. These are found in zoos in New York and Florida. When you rescue an animal in the zoo, you will find out that it is pregnant. If you want to give birth to the baby, you have to feed it with food from a tray. Once you do this, you will notice that the baby starts to move and start to become happy.


Once you have finished rescuing the gorillas and other animals, you can continue playing the game. Zoo Two offers a total playtime of sixty minutes. However, you will not be given the gorillas every time you play the game. There are certain requirements that you should fulfill before you can earn the rare gorillas.


In order to earn the rarest animals, you need to purchase the Zoo Rescue Pack. This is a must buy app because this feature allows you to earn this rarest one. You also have a choice to earn the rarest ones by playing the online version of the game. However, there are certain requirements for earning the same. You need to complete a specific number of missions and also complete a set number of tasks.


The zoo rescue animals are found in various places in the game. These places include Monkey jungle, Zoo Wildlife Island, Marine World and Bird Park among many others. In addition to these, there are other animals like Deer, Boar, Cat, Chicken, Crane and a lot more. You can also earn rare fruits such as bananas, cherries and many more.

Fully-unlocked Zoo 2 Animal Park Gameplay

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The mission that you need to complete in Zoo Two is called Rescue Mission. It is located at the top of the game. In order to be successful in this mission, you need to be very careful while you save the animals in the Zoo. In a rescue mission, you are required to use the right animals in the right situation. This is one of the most challenging levels in the app and requires lots of skills.


Apart from these, there are other levels available in the game. Some of these include the Hard level, Expert level, intermediate level and the easy level. The expert and beginner levels are the easiest to play and all of them offer lots of exciting challenges. The game can be very addictive and it will not take very long for you to earn a lot of points because of the simple graphics and exciting levels in the game.


You should know that before you start the game, you should know the controls of the controls. The controls of the animals are used to feed them and collect food. When they get tired, you can use the crate to give them back their energy. You can also earn the gifts that are found at the different spots in the game. These gifts can be used to buy various things such as eggs, seeds and many more.


Apart from earning money, you can find some Easter eggs at the spots in the game which can be used to earn some extra points. The eggs can be collected by placing the right icons on them. Once you have collected the egg, it is time to pop it and get rewarded with some points. Apart from earning the points, you can get the stuffed monkey as well. This stuffed monkey looks very cute and cuddly and you can collect a lot of points when you place it on the various spots.

Download Zoo 2 Animal Park 1.80.0 MOD APK (MOD, Coins/Diamond) Free For Android

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Zoo Two: Animal Zoo Two is a very challenging and fun game for all who love playing adventure games. The main theme of the game is to help the various animals find their way out of a cage. Each level has a few different animals to help you in your quest. The higher levels have more difficult puzzles to solve to earn more points.


You can try to solve the first level once you complete the previous one. This will help you gain some quick experience points. Once you have passed the first level, the second one will be quite a challenge. This level has several different obstacles and challenges to solve. There are also several bonus levels after you have passed the initial level.