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Download Video Maker of Photos with Music & Video Editor  MOD Apk Free Download For Android


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If you would like to create a video clip of yourself to share with family and friends, you can easily do that with the latest release of Video Maker of Photos. One of the most attractive features of Video Maker of Photos is the fact that it enables you to import images from different sources such as your digital camera or your PC or Mac. This application also offers editing tools such as red-eye reduction, crop, rotate, deskew, crop circle, subtract, mask, background elimination, and color enhancements.

Graphics and Visual Quality

To import your images, just open them in the program’s main page. Video Maker of Photos will ask you where to save the images. Choose where you would like to save your video. Your final movie will be saved in the folder you specified. It will be available for free download on the Photo Editor’s Home Page.


Video Maker of Photos also offers two premium themes that are designed especially for this program. These are named After Effects and Adobe Elements. Each of these themes come with a starter video, which you can use to create your personal movies. To add effects to your movie, just tap on the “effects” tab.


The second feature is the Chroma Key effect. With this feature, you can adjust the chromatic intensity of your video by selecting different colors from the palette. The Chroma Key effect is available only on the iPhone and iPad devices. The feature allows you to play back a frame of your video in the color you want. It is activated when you tap on the green square where the chroma key would usually appear.

Effects & Sounds

The last feature is the stabilization effect. With this feature, you can make your photos come alive. It works by adjusting the camera angles as well as the picture adjustment. There are only a few features that are available in this app so you might want to look into them if you want to take advanced pictures. This feature is only available in the professional version.


Overall, Video Maker of Photos seems very easy to use. You can simply import your photos and start shooting videos right away. If you need some help, there are many video maker tutorials that you can look into on the Apple iTunes Store.


Video Maker of Photos offers editing features that allow you to add text, stickers, borders, effects, and also merge several photos together. One thing that users do not like about Video Maker of Photos is the fact that there is no option to adjust lighting during editing. If you will look closely, there is actually an option to adjust the lighting but it is very difficult to use. Lighting in this application is rather tricky and not really suitable for low light situations.

Experience After Reviw

Despite these negative points, there are still many people who will still opt to buy Video Maker of Photos. The features that it offers still remain to be highly beneficial for professionals and amateurs alike. You can even edit, publish and share your videos with family and friends easily with this great tool. If you are looking for a way to bring creative ideas to your photographs, this is the right application. The price is very reasonable for all of its great features and you cannot go wrong.


A new feature that is also included in this amazing photo editing software is the import/capture feature. By using this feature you can easily import a picture into Video Maker of Photos. You will be able to edit the picture according to your requirements and then you can simply save the photo in your chosen destination. The import feature is highly beneficial for those who regularly take photos on vacation or those who take pictures of their pets.


Video Maker of Photos has been developed by a team of professional developers who focus on providing the best tools and features to the users. The result is that Video Maker of Photos can turn your photos into excellent videos. The video feature is especially useful if you are taking pictures of your pets. You can now easily create entertaining videos of your pets without having to pay any professional photographer. Video Maker of Photos also allows you to create short movies, share them with friends and family, or you can even sell them online.

Fully unlocked

Video Maker of Photos is very easy to use. All you have to do is to select your favorite picture from your computer and then start the video recording process. You can either insert a still photo or a video and the later will be played back in the Video Maker of Photos App. The only thing that you need to do after the video is recorded is to save it as a video file in the appropriate format. There are many different file formats available to choose from. Once you have saved the video file, you can simply enjoy the great features and services of this wonderful photo editing software.


Video Maker of Photos App is the most creative and amazing photo and video editing tool that can turn your pictures and videos into masterpiece. The innovative features of Video Maker of Photos App are incomparable, as it will let you instantly edit any image or video in your device. Video Maker of Photos App gives you the best editing and publishing features on your smartphone. If you love to edit your photos and videos with great details and visual quality, then Video Maker of Photos App is perfect for you.


It offers the best quality of images and videos from your camera. You can create captivating videos and stills using its impressive features and applications. You can enjoy watching your photos and videos on your TV with its amazing features. To enhance the value of Video Maker of Photos App, you can directly load your photos and videos and use them in your apps. You can experience a real time adventure with your visually stunning photos and videos.


Video Maker of Photos App gives an option to edit your pictures and videos directly from your phone. You can edit and share your pictures and videos immediately after downloading it from the gallery of Video Maker of Photos App. It allows you to manage and edit your pictures and videos using your preferred modes such as trim, save, delete, and redo. Video Maker of Photos App does all this editing and managing tasks for you effortlessly and quickly. It also lets you share your pictures and videos with your friends and loved ones using your android device. You can also upload them on the internet with the help of Wi-Fi.


Video Maker of Photos App features many advanced video players such as CamTroy, AVS Video Player, Video ejected, VideoZilla and Pure Video Player. This is the first of its kind to integrate all these players into one application. You can enjoy watching your videos on your TV with the help of Video Center. It also offers a complete list of popular video players that are available for android users.


Video Maker of Photos App is an all-in-one media solution for android devices. This includes a free version of Video Maker of Photos, which allows you to easily edit, share and backup your images and videos with your friends and family. The additional free version includes Video Center, which allows you to browse and search the most popular video players available for download on the android Market. Video Center also acts as a Music-Movie Center, where you can preview and listen to the different music-video genres being offered by Video Maker of Photos.


Video Maker of Photos offers a variety of music-video themed themes such as action, comedy, romance, horror, thriller and many more. With this feature, you never have to worry about changing the theme of your photos or videos as they are always ready to serve their purpose. You can also manage your folders and make albums from your favorite photos and videos with the help of the Music-Movie manager feature of Video Maker of Photos.


This is one of the best video editing and creation apps for android devices with a large collection of features including a powerful photo retouching tool, image collage tools, creative photo enhancements, and a variety of digital effects such as Lightroom, Smart Cycle, and Golden Glow. This handy app makes it easy for users to edit, crop and share images and videos. It is very easy to use as it provides step-by-step guides on how to use its features. You can also send images and videos to family and friends with the help of this amazing program.


This is another great video editing and creation app that let you easily edit and create videos and photos. You can make a video to share with your friends using this easy-to-use software. With this amazing tool, you can quickly apply any kind of image manipulation and apply different visual effects such as colorizing, adjusting brightness and contrast. It is also available in a free version. To download this amazing program, just visit Apps Warehouse.

Download Video Maker of Photos (MOD,PRO/PREMIUM) 5.0.35 Free For Android