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Unkilled is a free zombie-inspired first-person shooter game developed and released by Madfinger Games. It was originally released for iOS and Android devices on 3 September 2021 in the App Store. This zombie game can be played via a mobile device, Web browser or downloaded to an iPhone, Android or iPad. As of today, the game has been downloaded over 20 million times and has been featured in over forty countries worldwide. The game is a multiplayer zombie game, which means that you can play it with other players too.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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If you are looking for the best zombie game then Unkilled Game is not your game. Although the game is fun and full of action, it’s not very replayable because most of the levels have already been beaten. Even if you did manage to beat all the levels, the game would only let you save and there would be no further downloads to apply. You can get rid of pesky Zombies by shooting them with your guns but since you never really got a chance to use your weapons, you’re limited in your actions and strategies.


However, this is one of the great things about Unkilled Game; you can still continue playing through its short trial version after paying a one-time fee of $0.99. It allows you to try the game for about 30 days for free. It also comes with the Unkilled APK dictionary, which provides a list of the words and phrases included in the Unkilled Game. And, of course, it comes packed with the features and codes that make the game more entertaining and user-friendly.


Like any other flash based action game, Unkilled Game has its own story and storyline where you take on the roll of an ordinary guy. He wakes up one morning unable to move as he had suffered a heart attack a few hours before. As he lives his life this becomes a burden as he is constantly told that he is too weak to do anything and that he should just quit this game to be with his family. In order to get some strength he starts doing simple chores such as cleaning the house, cooking and fixing the computer.

Effects & Sounds

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You’ll notice immediately that Unkilled Game has a fantastic way of involving the narrative. The first level sets you up in the role of a well meaning but misguided young man who is totally unaware of what he is doing. With each level you move to a new location where there are more zombies and monsters to face. Upon entering a room you will see the gruesome and apparently endless hordes of Zombies that are waiting to attack you. It becomes a little bit difficult at times to figure out where the weak spots are, especially when you are under the cover of darkness and the full moon.


But the majority of gameplay is actually quite fun and entertaining. Zombie games tend to be on the dull side, but Unkilled Game manages to be consistently funny and entertaining. The storyline is realistic enough to give you a reason to laugh every time you slip into gameplay and every time a brand new zombie appears. One particular sequence involves you gunning down zombies one by one as they come up from the ground as you hide behind bushes and cover yourself with cover. Overall, the storyline is extremely well written and draws you in effortlessly.


Sound effects are quite nice and fit the overall theme of the Unkilled Game. zombie noises include a variety of creepy sounds which are mostly used to bring about excitement for when new zombies appear or as you sneak behind an unsuspecting victim. Other noises consist of a chainsaw, a drill, a pistol being held by an unconscious zombie, and even the sound of a tire being slashed by another zombie. This adds to the sense of realism and makes each moment of gameplay feel very intense. In short, madfinger games have a lot of adrenaline behind them which can really make your action game play feel like it’s life or death.

Experience After Reviw

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Overall, Unkilled Game is another excellent offering from Zombie Studios. While the graphics and storyline may not blow you away, this is a fantastic game that you’ll find worth playing time again. With excellent game play, plenty of Zombies to kill, and great storyline, Unkilled Game is one of the best Zombie Games on the play store. If you have yet to download this game, hurry back to the device’s page now!


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Unkilled is a first-person zombie-shooter video game developed and released by Madfinger Games. It was launched for iOS and Android devices on 3 September 2015, offering players the option of either downloading the Prologue demo, which is simply a version of the game with some simplified features (such as fewer zombies in the background), or purchasing the full version of Unkilled right away. If you’re interested in playing Unkilled, it’s recommended that you check out its official Facebook page, which has various tips and tricks listed under its Games and Social Media section. There are also some videos that reveal the game’s various features and elements.


Unlike other similar zombie games, in Unkilled you must stay alive long enough to complete its stages and unlock its endgame. You start off as an ordinary human, and your aim is not to simply kill as many zombies as possible. Rather, as the game progresses, you’ll find yourself sneaking around, hiding, or fighting your way through hordes of them. The storyline in Unkilled is simple yet captivating, especially considering its focus on zombie survival. The game presents a zombie outbreak in New York City, and the player must survive long enough to complete all the levels and unlock the game’s ending.

Fully unlocked

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Downloading Unkilled Game is quite simple. To begin with, you need to download an app install utility from your device’s Store. From there, you can proceed to transfer the free ober file that comes along in the original release of the Unkilled Game. An obb file is an important part of the program that ensures smooth game operation since it is what the game reads to load up its various features and options. Obb files are generally safe to download and install, so there’s nothing to worry about downloading Unkilled Game.


After having installed the program, you can proceed to start playing the Unkilled Game. As with any other shooter game, you have two main styles of play: the action-packed match style and the strategy-based cooperative style. In fact, the latter is what this zombie shooting game has in common with many other similar games. Each level has several objectives, and the objective is usually to reach the final destination within the shortest time possible – sometimes, these objectives are coupled with a series of challenges that you have to complete in order to advance to the next level. The co-op missions are a little more difficult versions of the usual challenges, as they require coordination between you and another player through communicating with one another using the game’s built-in chat system.


The match style of play in Unkilled Game requires that you utilize all the weapons at your disposal to eliminate as many zombies as possible. If you were playing the game normally, you would use only the ranged weapons to take out the zombies one by one. However, you can choose to use both ranged and melee weapons against the zombies, and the zombies can also attack you with their own weapons. Since there are quite a number of zombies in each level, it is recommended that you use the secondary weapons in order to take out the majority of them and eventually reach the goal level.


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Although the zombies in Unkilled Game are a mixture of different species of zombies, they are all created using the Crysis technology that is provided free of charge by EA. This includes all of the animals and plants, which were all part of the original version of the Unkilled game, but are now incorporated into this full-featured online PvP multiplayer game. You will be able to find a wide variety of weapons as you progress through the various levels of the game, including the machine gun, sub machine gun, shotguns, machine pistols, hand grenades, rocket Launchers, combat knives, blades, mace, swords, bows, crossbows and more. You even get to customize your character with a full set of clothing and armor, so you have a great chance of getting through even the toughest fight with all of the zombies lurking around the corners!


However, if you do not like customization, you can still get to enjoy the zombies in Unkilled Game without having to work too hard. The Unkilled mod apk that is available for download from the official EA site is extremely easy to install and utilize. Once you have finally managed to install the mod, you can then start playing the game. You will need to install the Google Android client from the Google Play Store, which should be done very quickly after installation has been completed. After that, you will be ready to have hours of fun as you try to eliminate the entire enemy force with precision moves and attacks, using whatever weapons you want.


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In order to protect yourself, you can buy protective clothing and armors at the market in the game, but they are quite expensive, so you will definitely need more money than that in order to purchase the best ones. With the Unkilled Game as your protection, your chances of being shot by zombies are very low, making it one of the best free shooting zombie games on the internet today. The Unkilled mod apk is also very easy to install and use, which means that anyone who does not have any experience with playing RPGs can easily enjoy this excellent game without having to worry about their skill with the keyboard or joystick.