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We would like to bring to your attention a unique free quest simulator of treasure hunting with an open world and exciting storyline based on true events.
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Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery is a new MMORPG coming from Treasure Hunter developer Big Fish Games. In Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery, you play as one of the main characters, tasked to find and collect rare items. As you trek throughout the ages-in the distant lands of Thay, you will uncover ancient artifacts and hidden rooms and perhaps pick up a few secrets along the way. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery draws heavy inspiration from many things, such as early RPGs, computer games, even early horror movies. However, Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery manages to combine these various inspirations into something that’s new, unique, and very fun.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery picks up after the events of Treasure Hunter: The Golden Mask. Thay, a kingdom under martial law and struggling to keep order, are on the verge of collapse. As you explore the islands surrounding Thay, you’ll discover that its citizens are slowly losing their minds. There’s an endless war raging between the various factions, and magical beings from beyond the world are making an appearance…


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery is, in many ways, a spiritual successor to the much-loved Treasure Hunter series. Treasure Hunter allows you to travel to a variety of time periods, each with its own style of gameplay. You can go back in time to retrieve important artifacts, or you can go forward to complete missions and quests. It also lets you recruit characters from previous levels and companions, as well as level up and earn gold, items and specialties. And you can do it all while enjoying a visually stimulating game that retains most of the classic aspects of classic PC gaming.


However, what makes Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery really stands out is the art design. The use of cartoonish graphical effects, including cartoonish shadows and bright, eye-popping hues, is extremely popular amongst fans of retro PC games. This leads to Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery being one of the most stylistically successful games in the retro RPG genre. In fact, many of the game’s high-quality characters are distinctly drawn and articulated – an attribute that is missing from many titles.

Effects & Sounds

Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery is a role playing game where you assume the role of a Treasure Hunter. You’ll start off by exploring the different caves and shrines scattered around the world. When you’ve collected all the objects and items that are required for a mission, you’ll need to return to the entrance of the cave – usually by using another exit, but sometimes by trekking into the wilderness. Your goal is to complete your assignment, and to collect as much gold and other resources as possible before the timer runs out.


Due to the nature of Adventure Quest games, the art design is quite simplistic, with the focus on simplicity instead of complex graphics. However, this doesn’t mean that the graphics are not detailed or well designed. The character model for Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery looks surprisingly accurate and lifelike, even though the game’s background is based on a medieval time period, it still looks very good.


The game is primarily quest based, with most of your time spent running from place to place. Unlike many other games, you aren’t actually put in the shoes of a character; thus, your interactions with the environment are more or less generic. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery, however, is not your typical fantasy game. There is very little fantasy involved, as it takes place in modern day, though it still has a strong fantasy theme. Despite this, the game is extremely enjoyable, with an easy to use interface and lots of replay value.

Experience After Reviw

Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery has a rather short game play experience – about a few hours long. It also uses a mouse scroll wheel for most of its menus, which can become frustrating at times. The game’s story is not too interesting, but it does have its high points – namely, obtaining rare items which can help you improve your abilities and weapons. The overall graphics are pretty nice, though the complete lack of 3D animation makes the graphics a little boring. The game is easily played in a matter of minutes and provides an excellent gaming experience for anyone looking for a pure action-adventure game without too much complexity.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold Game has been one of the most popular games of the series. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold Game is based on the novel Treasure Island by author Cay Johnson. In this game, you are a traveler looking for clues to a stolen stash of gold. The story starts in Silent Hill, where you find out that a lot of things are wrong with your past, and you have to find the real meaning of the life you now lead. To make things worse, you are being haunted by ghosts and enemies.


This classic game has many features and endings to offer. This game features a wide variety of settings like Silent Hill, Seaside, and Dr. Layton Island among many others. This online game has a great story line, excellent graphics and sound effects, and a number of different characters you can play as like in the movie. To add to all these, this game features premium special features that will increase your gaming enjoyment.

Fully unlocked

Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold Game features an amazing plot and an equally amazing story line. You’ll play the role of a merchant who needs to recover gold from a monastery. You’ll also discover how a series of unfortunate events lead you to this monastery and the gold it contains. Along the way, you’ll also find yourself falling in love with the game’s lead character, which adds more spice to the game’s exciting story. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold Game provides the right amount of twists and turns you need to enjoy playing this game.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold Game features many thrilling game mechanisms. For one, you have the option to make use of hidden chests to gather gold. chests are commonly found in crowded spots, making them ideal hiding spots for players to gather gold. Moreover, there are numerous other game mechanisms at work in Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold. These include hidden object scenes, tower puzzles and a whole lot more.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold also allows players to use gold hidden anywhere in the game for buying weapons and other pieces of equipment. Players will need money to purchase weapons and armor before they can engage in battles with other players. The gold you earn by using items will also help you develop your character. As you advance through the game, you will also be able to buy upgraded weapons and armor and eventually go through all the levels.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold is among the most popular online games and boasts a great number of fans worldwide. This is why many people consider it as one of the best games available right now. A large number of gamers find this enjoyable and a nice addition to their online gaming library. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold is available for free on Treasure Isle, but getting access to it requires a fee. This is often due to the number of hidden items that need to be discovered in order to progress through the game.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold features both PvE and PvP content and players do not have to engage in combat in order to level up or earn rewards. Additionally, unlike other games in which players get rewarded after achieving a particular goal, Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery rewards players depending on how efficiently they gather gold and spend it. When the player spends their money wisely, he or she earns experience points and gold which increase their level and improve their abilities. When they spend their money foolishly, they lose these points and will be unable to improve their capabilities until they either spend more or gain some new skills.


Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold is just another exciting role-playing game that can be enjoyed by people of any age. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery has received great reviews from both fans and critics alike. People who have played the game described it as one of the most thrilling online gaming experiences they have ever had. Treasure Hunter: The Story Of Monastery Gold is very easy to understand and provides players with lots of tips about managing their time and money. This easy to play game makes a great addition to any list of online gaming experiences.


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