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30 DEC, 2021
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TraceTogether App, which was formerly known as Trace unite, has recently been made available through the Google Play Store. This Traceogether App is a mobile application that provides the users with an online facility where they can trace a loved one’s mobile number using their Google Android devices. A typical user of the Trace unite app would simply need to enter the number of the person they are trying to lookup into the interface of the Trace unite application. The application will search its database of millions of mobile numbers and will provide the users with details of the number’s current owner. From this, the user would be able to get a full and detailed profile of the owner of the number.

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Traceogether App was initially launched as a public beta in Singapore a couple of months ago. At the launch, Trace Together App was promoted as a unique and advanced service that would make searching people’s mobile numbers fast and simple. The company behind the development of Traceogether App has now finally launched the public beta version of the application on Google Play Store. The company promises to further enhance the application with more features and enhancements in the coming weeks and months.


The company behind the creation of Traceogether App is Appsense, a software company based in Singapore. With the help of this unique service, the company is claiming to be able to provide users with almost one-stop shopping for cell phone numbers. The company claims to have successfully gathered the data from mobile service providers and communication companies in Singapore and will be providing this information to users via an online portal.


Users of the Trace Together App are supposed to enter their contact number in the provided form and submit it to the system to start searching for nearby devices. The service will then search for the details stored in the database. Once the user inputs the cell phone number and location data, the system matches the information to the given details and displays the results on the screen. The myth behind this functionality is that the system will help users find nearby Wi-Fi enabled devices and print out the results in the format required by the users.

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The second myth is that this application can facilitate contact tracing. The Trace Together App actually enables users to buy discount tracerts at a reduced price using their mobile phones. This function is provided by tokens, a special type of in-app purchase currency acquired in some apps. In the upcoming days, the company will also be releasing mobile token products that will enable users to purchase discount tokens and earn rewards for them in other apps.


The third myth is that this application is the only reverse lookup available on the market. The Trace Together App is just one of the few solutions to end the issue of unknown phone numbers. The fact is that Tracertiles, a reverse lookup service offered by a different Canadian company, has already solved the problem of unknown numbers and mobile numbers. Moreover, this is not the only reverse lookup service that solves the problem of unknown user names and locations.


The fourth myth that was busted by hackers is that this application is a fraud. hackers have hacked into the systems of Tracertogether App and stole user name and other sensitive information from the database. Hackers also made fake versions of the app and posted them online. Most users believe that these stories and leaks come from leaked confidential customer information.

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The fifth myth is that this application is only useful for telemarketers. The Trace Together App was originally created as a telemarketing tool. The ministry has released a statement declaring that no member of the public will be allowed to download this application for personal use. The website of Tracertogether App also reiterates that the service will only be made available to people working in the public sector including communications ministry employees.


Trace Together App is an iPhone and iPad application developed by a group of medical researchers and medical professionals. Trace Together App uses the Apple’s own technology to allow users to trace family tree. This application is one of the premium Apple Pro Game offerings in the App Store.


Trace Together is a mobile application developed by a group of medical researchers and medical practitioners in Singapore, to ease communication among patients and healthcare professionals, especially during emergency situations. The main aim is fast identification of patients who might have come in contact with someone who has been positively identified with the deadly virus known as CO VID 19. The disease has the highest fatality rate among all viral diseases and is expected to cause the largest number of deaths this year.

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The developers of tracetogether app are looking forward to offering this disease detection service to the general public by the end of June. During the first two weeks of June, all iPhone devices from anywhere in the world will be required to enroll in the program using their respective mobile numbers. After the enrollment period ends, every eligible iPhone user will receive a free copy of the iOS mobile app. An activation code will be sent to the mobile number registered on the receipt as an invitation to start the Trace Together App. This is also the first application in the Apple universe that integrates social media platforms.


At present, the second release of tracetogether app for iPhones and iPad contains new features. Users will have the option to track the progress of their traces in the three main areas of the application including: Location, Shared Contacts and Mobile Number. The Shared Contacts option may be customized according to the user’s preferences. Traces saved under My Account or on the Contact’s list may be marked as” starred” or “dismissed”. Traces in “My Account” may be accessed from within the iPhone or from the iOS app on any mobile network.


The third feature is the biggest one that the developers of the Trace Together App want to launch with the help of the Singapore government. The Singapore government is organizing a mega international conference on June twenty first called the Smart Nation Initiative Vivian balakrishnan. The conference is planned to kick off with the signing of the Paris agreement on environment and will go on until the end of the year 2021. The Trace Together App will help citizens track the development of their ecosystem, environment, economy and social welfare system as part of the ministry’s efforts for this initiative. The application is part of the project called “Digital Singapore”, which is being coordinated by the prime minister’s office. This effort is aimed at creating the most digital country in the world.


The Trace Together App will allow people to use their smartphones and tap the Trace button on the app to enter their phone numbers. They will then be redirected to the Singapore government website where they can enter their contact details, submit the token and pay through their credit cards. When this token has been validated, it will allow accessing their database. However, they will only be able to access the database of the Smart Nation Service if they have purchased the token.


The developers of the Trace Together App are actually collecting the tokens by the thousands. They will then use these tokens to facilitate contact tracing in Singapore starting from next year. The tokens can be used for accessing the various government websites and agencies but can also be used to buy other things like vouchers, gift cards, airmiles and bus passes. If the users wish to register their mobile devices with the Trace Together App, they will need to purchase a Smart Phone Accessibility Key. The developers of the Trace Together App will not be charging users any additional charges for using the smartphone sensors and application as they are solely leveraging on the free mobile platform. This allows the users to stay within the confines of their mobile devices and do what they wish to do.


The Trace Together App has been made mandatory to be distributed to all eligible Singapore citizens by December 2021. The Trace Together App will enable the Singaporeans to trace their loved ones that they haven’t been able to locate since their removals or deaths. It will also enable the people to find former classmates, friends and family members who might be missing since their time in Singapore. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. If you are planning to make Singapore your next destination, you can download the Trace Together App today!