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The Tower is a tower defense game. The Tower is a stationary structure that gradually grows in size and only unleashes its contents when an enemy unit approaches it. The player’s objective is to destroy all units and buildings on screen as many times as possible, while protecting the tower from enemies. The Tower Idle Tower Defense Gameplay takes place on screen and the aim is to prevent the idle towers from becoming damaged or destroyed.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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The Tower can be controlled by the keyboard and mouse or using gamepads, for more precise control. The idle towers are also called towers in the game. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy towers until your tower becomes fully-unlocked. Fully-locked towers cannot be attacked by any enemy units. The objective of the game is also to prevent the enemy from reaching your tower.


The Tower defense games require strategic thinking and quick reflexes from the players. The Tower is basically a large structure that players must protect from all sides. The basic mission of the game is to defend the tower against waves of robots and enemy soldiers sent from the main command center. The Tower Defense games require some degree of strategy and thought.


The Tower in the game is available in three different styles, Regular, Elite and Universal. The player has two basic choices in choosing the Tower they will use in the game. The player has two different options in acquiring upgrades for the Towers. The first option is to buy upgrades from the Main command center. The second option is to research and build towers on the available resources found throughout the game. The Tower has different levels of difficulties depending on the player’s choice of game style.

Effects & Sounds

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The Tower is not as difficult or as lengthy as the player may think. The basic goal of the game is to protect the core from waves of enemy troops and robots sent to annihilate it. The more levels the player advances to the more difficult the tower becomes. The higher levels have tougher defenses and require more careful maneuvering of the units to protect the core from being taken by the enemy forces.


The basic goal of the game is to protect the core by making sure there are no units near the target area. The player controls a squad of robots by targeting enemy troops with a laser and destroying them. The player has many units at their disposal, but they are not always effective. The player must deploy units one at a time to attack an enemy base. The player must also manually order each of the units to attack and defend specific targets. The longer it takes for the player to successfully send one of their units to a target, the fewer troops the player has available to continue the battle.


The Tower Defense Idle Tower Defense is one of three games developed by Bigpoint about this popular arcade game. The other two games are Double Impact and Revenge of Monkey Fist. The tower defense idle game has many versions online, allowing the player to choose which version they want to play. The player’s goal is to eliminate all the enemies before they reach the core and win the game. The user can also view various videos that help guide them in playing the game.

Experience After Reviw

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The Tower Defense idle game is available for both Windows and MacOS X operating systems, with separate controllers designed for each system. The Mac version features split screen mode, and even allows the use of headphones so that the player can listen to the game on headphones rather than hear the sounds bouncing off the walls of the tower. The Tower Defense idle game can be downloaded for free and provides a challenge for players of all ages. The game offers one of the most exciting and addictive experiences on the computer. The game can easily be downloaded from its official site and begin enjoying the excitement within minutes.


Tower defense that offers more than meets your eye. Tower is an incremental tower defense strategy game in which you control one tower. You can defend your tower until it is destroyed, then make permanent upgrades and then you can give it another shot! Build the ultimate defense tower.


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The Tower Features* Simple tower defense gameplay
* There are so many upgrades available
*Invest your precious coins to power your tower in the workshop permanently
* Find new upgrades to unlock more parts of the game
* Continue to do new research even if you are not actively involved.
* Manage your card collection and unlock massive bonuses for your tower

In this idle tower defense game, will your tower be able to withstand the test of time?


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