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REFACE: face swap videos ( MOD, Pro Features Unlocked ) Free for Android – this is awesome for new guys here you can download official apk it is 100% safe, and This REFACE: face swap videos is amazing now enjoy.

How to Unlock REFACE Face Swap apk

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REFACE is a newly launched artificially intelligent program that can easily swap faces in photos, videos and even in short conversations. It held first position in the second place American Apple App Store. The company’s headquarters is currently located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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The main function of this amazing app is to swap photos with someone by just putting your face into the camera. Your facial expressions will be captured through a photo id by the computer and it will then recognize your facial expression, eyes and mouth for every recognized face. After facial recognition, it will ask you to put up or down your eyebrows, smile or frown. The result is that you will be given a completely new look.

REFACE Face Swap App Story

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This innovative face-swapping software is being developed as a part of a project developed by Google’s research division. It works through the use of face recognition technology on the Android devices. This unique feature is used to make it very easy to share your photos with friends and family by providing a digital avatar of yourself. The developers of the application claim that they have used an extensive library of more than 300 facial expressions to represent the various human emotions and expressions. This is done by capturing the photo of your face, then editing the image to modify the expression, and finally it is applied to the swap face.


The features that refacing Face Swap App offers are very attractive. Apart from the face swapping option, the application offers you a number of other exciting activities as well. The features of the application include a diary section, a photo gallery, a photo journal, a photo shoot, and a photo presentation. The diary section allows you to add entries of different types, some with personal messages and others with ideas and suggestions from other users of the app. You can add comments as well while writing a message to another user. You can use the photo gallery to display the photos that have been edited for you, thereby allowing you to choose different ones for display.


The photo gallery allows you to view the different photos in a slideshow and you can select the one that you want to revert. When you select the ‘rename’ option, it will also be possible to rename any part of your face. Apart from these exciting features, the REFACE Face Swap App offers you a wide range of features that make it a unique and innovative photo editing and face recognition app.


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While using this unique face recognition app, you need not have any expertise in the field of computer graphics or face painting. As a matter of fact, the entire process of editing photos using the REFACE Face Swap App is completely automated. With just a single click on the app, you can change any aspect of your face including skin tone, hair style, color and texture.


The facial details of every user are captured using the patented CELTA technology by the developer of REFACE Face Swap App. This enables the app to offer a diverse selection of faces to the users based on their age, sex, location, occupation and many more. The facial swap functions are entirely adjustable and are very easy to use. A trial version of this app was launched back in April 2021 and received huge popularity within just a short period of time. Now, the REFACE Face Swap app has been made available for free on the Android Market so that all android lovers can experience its wonderful functionality.


This app also offers various other features that make it a better option compared to the other facial recognition applications. For example, it also offers a huge collection of high quality images that include different expressions such as smiling, laughing, frowning etc. The images are captured using a webcam and uploaded into the system of REFACE Face Swap App. Also, this app has a number of preset styles of face that users can choose from. These user settings can also be saved in the phone and used in future.

REFACE Face Swap App Graphics and Visual Quality

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REFACE Face Swap App is an artificial intelligence (AI) app that allows you to enjoy the hottest trend in augmented reality-experiences. Its designer, Jason Edwards made it possible by combining two high-quality technologies: ARRI and OpenCV. It combines these technologies to give you face to face experience with a completely new avatar. Face swap is executed by scanning your face and then presenting you with a new avatar in an attractive and eye-catching style.


This app is designed for the iPhone 4 and above. The graphics are done in full 3D with optimal clarity, details and color rendering. The app provides you with various options to change your hairstyle, eye color and skin tone. It can also be configured to match the facial expression of your choice. This app offers a user-friendly interface so that you can start right away.

Experience After REFACE Face Swap Appplay

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The facial recognition technology of this app is highly accurate, so you will never have any problems with it. The accuracy rate of about 90% is what you can look forward to. You do not need to use any complicated or expensive tools to utilize this feature. All you need is your own camera iPhone 4 or any other iOS devices with camera support.


The features of this app are not only limited to face recognition; the app also offers you various other exciting augmented reality applications. This app contains a realistic scene of Kyiv city with several landmarks like theatre, monuments and restaurants. In order to fully experience the real life experience, the graphics and videos of Kyiv are rendering in high definition using the highest resolution available in the market. It is because of this reason that users love to use this app.


The graphics quality of this app is another factor that keeps users attached to this application. You can enjoy better graphics and animations when you use this iPhone app. With its innovative Augmented Reality technology, you can really feel the difference between the real world and the virtual world. You can use the Augmented Reality facility to perform multiple tasks, such as searching for a restaurant or book a flight to Kyiv. You can see the images of the relevant locations through the use of the camera.

Fully-unlocked REFACE Face Swap Appplay

Reface is also capable of saving your data in the Cloud. This means that you can store different graphics of the same place in various places across the globe on Reface. When you want to check the image or location, you just need to access the Reface app and select the location. If you need to edit your data or add a new image, you can do so through the app.


While searching for places in the virtual world, you will be asked to pick a city or location in Kyiv. When you pick a city or location from the Reface interface, you will be taken to a screen that contains a list of the places. At the bottom of this screen, there will be a map of Kyiv. The map can be used to locate restaurants, banks and other attractions in Kyiv that you find interesting. You can also save your favorite places in the app.


The facial swap technology provided by the Reface face swap app allows you to change your look in an instant without wearing any makeup. In this way, you can change your face to a more interesting design with the help of this innovative app. You can use the various options available in this app to enhance your personality and appearance. You can change your image according to your choice and identity. Thus, you can access the many features of this incredible app in order to enhance your looks and personality.