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Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set MOD Apk Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK  is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.

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If you are a serious musician, then your fingers should be tapping along to the beat, in this article I am going to show you the latest REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App available on the market!

WHAT IS REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set?

An amazing Drumset like never seen before, with revolutionary new features, such as foot control and anti-knocking.

You can now play with the musicianship of legends! If you want to be part of the groove, check out the latest offering from the makers of REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App. Learn how to build your electronic drum set like the top of the line electronic drums.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Hurray! It’s finally here! It’s unreal… App like real drum is now available for Windows Phone 7! Download it below:


So, you think you have the best hardware available to build your own electronic set? There is another app for that. If you want to do what you have always dreamed, but never had the courage to try, this is your best option. Real DRUM has been designed specifically for Windows Phone 7, so all the functions are exactly the same as the standard version. This is a must-have app for any professional musician who wants to get the most from his or her recording and mixing experience. Here’s how to download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App:


To download, simply go to the Real DRUM: App icon on the phone, or tap the app icon on your computer’s Start Menu. You will see a list of available apps. Simply choose the one you want and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also choose to download the free trial version to see if it fits your needs. It has all the features you need.


The Real DRUM software is a virtual desktop replacement for a traditional electronic drum kit. It emulates hardware from leading brands, including Yamaha, Prodigy, pedalfish, and others. With the exceptional sound quality and vast features, you can create, mix, and master digital audio with incredible accuracy. For professional usage, the audio interface is necessary and can be easily purchased via the Internet.

Effects & Sounds

What sets the REAL DRUM apart from other virtual instruments is the fact that it is not only a software program, but it is a complete electronic drum set with sequencing abilities. This is the ultimate solution for the person interested in creating high quality music on the Apple iPhone. You can take your music to another level without the investment of more expensive hardware. Other virtual tools include drum pads, sounds, and virtual rack formats. It’s the closest thing yet to being able to plug in a real analog set into your iPhone.


Some of the reasons why many people have been waiting for the real deal are the incredible sound quality of the virtual version and the fact that it is available for free. But perhaps the best reason for downloading the virtual version is the ease of use. It is an electronic drum set, but it comes preloaded with a sequencer, an extensive library of sounds, and even has an interface for easy editing of sounds and drum parts.


When it comes to electronic drums, nothing can actually beat the REAL DRUM. It’s a true virtual instrument, and the quality of the sound is astounding. No other tool will take you to that level. For those just getting started in the world of electronic drums, or for the experienced musician wanting to take their electronic makeover to the next level, there’s no substitute for the REAL DRUM.

Experience After Reviw

The virtual version of the REAL DRUM makes it possible to take your electronic makeover up a notch by adding a lot more versatility and detail. And since it’s a digital product (not that it’s a product in any way), you can download it immediately from the company website. You don’t need to go anywhere, and you don’t need a credit card. The virtual version will allow you to get started right away – you can begin playing with the rhythm settings, samples, and features right away. This is a major plus for busy musicians who need a place to start with their electronic makeover.


The virtual version also gives you a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of electronic drums and other percussion instruments.

In addition to the various types of hardware that the REAL DRUM comes with (six channels of sounds, over 80 styles of sample playback, over eight hours of composing patterns and is playing beats), you also have the opportunity to purchase additional modules from the company.

For example, if you’re interested in how to arrange a kit as opposed to what kind of fills to use in a certain situation, or how to produce tension and release on a tom-tom rhythm, the electronic drum set comes with a module for that. Other modules include virtual drums for acoustic and electric drums, hi hats, cymbals, bass drums, and many others.


Once you’ve gotten over the fact that the virtual version of the REAL DRUM costs so much less than the real deal, you’ll probably be hooked. If you’re planning to purchase an electronic drum set in the future, it might be a good idea to buy the virtual version first and get used to it before you spend your money on the real deal. Either way, you’re sure to impress your friends and family when they see the amazement on your face as you play your newly purchased electronic drum set! You’ll be glad you did.

Fully unlocked

The REAL DRUM is now available for download! If you’ve always longed for a way to get some authentic thump from the beat makers of the world, then check out the new FREE downloadable version of the REAL DRUM. The code is absolutely free and contains all the features of the REAL DRUM along with all new instrument samples and loops. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start making some rock music.


How to Use REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set App includes a FREE search bar to locate, compare and synchronize electronic drum hardware with your computer.

First, launch the tones & instruments tab and tap into your favorite drum programming samples.

(NOTE: You will hear ONLY the sample sounds – no full studio sound editing) Next, click in the search bar and type in the word RADIO. Finally, save your selection as a new file named Selected Items.


This version of the REAL DRUM app downloads from my website as a FREE download. However, it comes with a limited 15-day trial period.

After the limited time period, it will auto-upgrade to the latest and greatest, the upgrade FREE version. For example, if you need to learn a new patch for a specific song, simply select Search Patches and choose the song you need to learn from.

And if you really want to expand your musical horizons, search Featured Listings to locate local and up-coming artist / band concerts, open mic nights and other live events occurring around town, near or around your home.


The REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set App is available on the iTunes Store for FREE. To purchase and download to your computer, log into the iTunes Store at the website and follow the prompts to secure the software.

If you have it on your phone, select Downloads from the main menu and scroll down to Apps.

You will see two selections, one is for the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App and another one for your MAC. Click on the appropriate app to download and launch the program.


A few notes regarding the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App downloads from my website may appear at first to be free and they are…but only until you complete the entire upgrade process at my website.

Visit my website to continue enjoying all of the new features and hot new music FREE! Once you have completed the upgrade process, you will never again be asked to pay for a download.

As an added bonus, once you complete the upgrade process, you will also qualify for a discount code for the remaining price of the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App.


Some of the benefits of the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set App includes a search bar, which allows you to narrow down genres and sub-genres for easy drumming discovery, instant downloads for immediate listening pleasure, instant track progress browsing, and many more features, which will keep you coming back to the program. One of my favorite features is the tap now function.

What makes this feature even better than the rest of the features is the FREE drum beat making feature. With this feature, you can start playing along with your favorite song just by tapping on the rhythm or beat. Search bar located on the top right of the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App screen allows you to search for songs by song title or album artist.


The REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set App has a nice, wide selection of virtual instruments that are great for practicing new drum beats or scratching. Most of these virtual instruments have the ability to hold and lock notes while the main virtual keyboard is used to play/pause, adjust, and listen to your selected recording.

There are many other cool features as well such as instant lesson downloads, a library for drum parts, export/import capability for various formats (exporting to MP3, etc. ), and a virtual keyboard interface that allow you to tap, click, pinch, and double click on notes and chords to change them in the real-time setting.


Some of my favorite aspects of the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Sets App are the following: I love the ability to tap, click, and double click on different notes and chords to make my drum beats unique and spontaneous. I love that the virtual keyboard interface allows me to do all of these things quickly and easily.

And, most important, I love the FREE TRAFILE! I am constantly amazed at the amount of music, video, and photos that come across my desk at work. The chance to capture and store this information would not be presented in any other way. Thanks to the REAL DRUM!