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One of the best apps ever created for the iPhone, a Quick Video Recorder, has received the inevitable update to version 2.0, bringing along with it some truly amazing new features. The first thing I noticed when I downloaded this app was how fast it loaded. Compared to the previous version, the new version was extremely easy to use and it loaded up quickly, almost instantly. You could also instantly switch between two cameras, as well as the type of footage you wanted (arity videopoker or still camera).


There are many other great additions included in the upgrade, and one of the most helpful is the ability to edit out parts of the video that aren’t of your interest. If you know there’s going to be a part of the video you’re not happy with, simply tap the red “x” on the lower right corner of the screen to erase that part of the footage. The only downfall to this is that you can’t select to replace one live feed with another. I suppose if you really want to see that part of the video you missed, you can re-watch it again from the start-which is fine, but it would have been nice to have the option of watching the video while still playing it back in the background.

Download Quick Video Recorder Background Recorder apk latest version 2021

It’s one of the best apps ever designed for the iPhone. It is a fantastic video recorder, one that can actually save you hours upon hours of recordings if you so choose to. In fact, I often record multiple videos for a class I teach, and using Quick Video Recorder to do the work for me rather than converting my older videos into something I can easily stream in to the iPhone. This device is the best way to capture and store your family memories. It’s just so convenient!

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When the device was first released, there were some kinks to it that required some adjustment. At one time, it could not upload directly to the iPhone. Instead, it had to be converted to an AVI file before it could be uploaded. That was one issue, and there were some other kinks to the product as well. However, the biggest one of them all has been resolved by the version 4, and now uploading to the iPhone is a breeze.

Quick Video Recorder Background Recorder apk unlock

For example, earlier models required you to download the Quick Video Recorder software to your computer. You also had to install the Quick Video Recorder icon onto your computer. Then you just had to drag and drop the icon onto the desired location on the computer where you wanted the video to be recorded. At that point, you were ready to start recording. However, there was a time when that wasn’t enough – you needed the software to do more than just turn on the camera.


For example, if you are planning to make multiple videos for various occasions, you may want to have a Quick Video Recorder on your desktop. At the same time, you can place the photos or videos on your memory stick and then transfer them directly to the iPhone using AirVideo. But in order to do that, you need a video recorder to turn on the computer and also the ability to save images onto the device. Even then, you may still need to use the Quick Video Recorder software. It just may not be enough without the ability to upload the images directly to the iPhone.

New Update 2021

In fact, you will have to have an iPhone of course in order to view the images on the iPhone. If you do not have one yet, you will need to buy a second hand one that can transfer images to the iPhone. The only problem with this is that you will have to sell your old device to get the one that you want to use. This is why you will also need to know where you can find such equipment.


Fortunately, you can actually rent such equipment from specialty stores online. You will have to pay a small amount though but it will be so much cheaper than buying the one. In addition, you will be able to choose from a wide range of models, designs, and types that include the Quick Video Recorder. These are all the things that you need access to in order to record a quick video to the iPhone.



DU Recorder is currently the first video recorder app for android on list. It’s a high quality, free screen recorder. It helps you to record crystal clear video without any hassles. Simple to use, packed with several cool features and easy to operate, this program has everything you need.

Quick Video Recorder Background Recorder App

The DU Recorder app is available as an individual application or you can get it as part of a freeware. You need to open the program, make a few recordings using the front and rear cameras simultaneously and then store them in your own private storage space. You can then watch them in your browser or use specific media players such as Windows Media Player. There are no limitations on the length of the videos. Thus, you can capture and store as many videos as you like.


There are different types of recording modes offered by the app for both front and rear cameras. You can create an exact recording by starting and stopping the footage recording at precise times. You can also select a different recording mode. This is very useful when you know that some people may not be able to see or hear certain parts of the video. For example, you might want to make a background video recorder video, which would be totally black and white and would not have a good audio track.


In addition, the Easy Screen Recording option is also available to all screen viewers, so that they can easily view the captured images on their mobile screen. You can even use the Recorder screen mode while your device is in your pocket or bag. The Quick Video Recorder also offers different editing options. You can easily trim off the parts of the video that you do not want to be shown. Similarly, you can resize the captured images and put them on their own folder.


The Easy Video Recorder is a complete standalone program that works perfectly with all kinds of smart phones, iPads and also iPod Touch. The recorded videos can be watched on the go or downloaded and stored on the device. Moreover, there are numerous image adjustments and cropping options available in this exclusive android recorder app. The Recorder HD image creation option lets you create high-quality HD images with maximum resolution. The text enhancements and image thumbnails options are also available. If you are looking for the best recording experience, then the best option for you is the Quick Video Recorder.


The Quick Video Recorder has a screen recording feature along with various other useful editing tools. It lets you trim videos easily by applying a variety of different effects. This android app also comes with a number of photo effects and picture transitions that can be applied to the videos, which further enhances their appearance. There are various image-editing tools available in the screen recording app such as; layer effects, marquee effects, splatter effects, fade in/out and screen shot effects.

Quick Video Recorder Background Recorder App Graphics and Visual Quality

Further, you can also insert your photos and videos onto the screens of your mobile phones. You can do so by using the built-in image pan and zoom features. You can also create special effects such as; moving objects, rotating objects, flip displays and full screen recordings with the help of the screen capture feature.


To top it all, the Quick Video Recorder has an amazingly easy to use interface. This is why it has been widely popular among users. The most important thing about this app is that it comes free of cost. The best thing about it is that it does all the necessary recording without any third-party plug-ins or downloads. Moreover, it has a very simple and intuitive interface that makes it extremely easy to use.