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With the advent of powerful monitoring apps, it is now much easier to keep track of your employees and manage the business. These apps help you keep track of your employee productivity and track the activities of your employee. The best feature of these apps is the ability of these apps to alert you when something is not working according to your desired plans. Most of the powerful apps come with the latest version of Windows OS. The best features that are present in most of the apps are:



Powerful Workplace Muscle: Microsoft SharePoint Business Portal gives the best SharePoint monitoring experience without affecting the system’s performance. SharePoint monitoring helps you to keep a close look on all your employees. The main reason behind the popularity of SharePoint Business Portal is that it is one of the best ways of communicating with other people. The information received from the portal is accurate and is designed to help business managers to make the right decisions.

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Advanced Search Capability: The best features of these apps are the search option that helps you search the data using the keyboard. The powerful monitor app for SharePoint offers the best search options. All the required data can be collected without any difficulty. You just need to enter the required details and the information gathered will automatically be shown on the screen.


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Organizing the Team & Projects: The best features of the SharePoint Enterprise can easily organize the projects and the team members. You can also set up the project folders easily. This enables the team members to work more effectively. A successful team communication improves the performance and also increases the productivity of the organization. The Team members can update the status of the project anytime without having to wait for any update from the management office. All these are possible only if the team members have access to the internet.

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Employee Performance Review: You can use the SharePoint admin center to create the report and send it to the employees. If the employees find it useful, they can also share the same with their colleagues. The reports created by the employees can be emailed to the company so that the company can analyze the same and make important decisions regarding the employee performance. The employees can also use these best apps ever to get regular reviews and feedback about how their performance is being evaluated.


Get immediate Feedback: The SharePoint admin center gives the best apps ever to the employees. It allows the employees to post their comments and review the progress of the project. You can use the reports to identify the problem areas and the areas that require further improvement. These reports also act as the appraisal tools. The process of appraisal is completely done online and hence saves time and money. No manual process is involved here and hence saves a lot of time.

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Employee Performance Evaluator: SharePoint offers the employee performance evaluator. The reports can be customized according to the needs of the organization. The reports can be used for various purposes such as planning, forecasting etc. The reports are not just important for the employees but also important for the managers. They can use the reports for decision making purposes.


Monitoring Tools: The SharePoint admin center provides the best apps ever for the monitoring of the productivity of the employees. The employees can get real time information on the progress every hour, day or week. The employees can use the reports to identify the problem areas and improve the efficiency in that particular department. The powerful monitor app provides the daily status reports so that the company can easily track the key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure the progress in each department.

There’s one undeniable fact about cell phones and technology. They can be used in so many different ways. You can use them as a music player, video player, email sender, IMapper, GPS navigator, calculator, calendar and much more. And that’s just the beginning. The sky is the limit! The truth is, there are so many useful apps available on the Android Market that it’s almost impossible to know everything your phone has to offer.

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Some people are under the impression that all apps are created equal. That might have been true in years past, but today’s devices have way more features than ever before. And the nice thing about that is, the more you use your phone or tablet, the better equipped it becomes to run apps of all kinds, running from productivity apps designed to boost your work productivity to fun, entertaining apps like an e-book reader or browser for online social networking sites. If you’re not using any of this functionality, you’re losing out on a lot of value.


But which apps are worth using and which apps should you leave behind? That’s the million dollar question that everyone who’s in the market for a new smartphone needs to answer. Fortunately, the solution is rather simple. All smartphones have at least a few standard features that are very useful. Here’s a list of some of those basic functions that every smartphone should have.


Targeted Path: Google Maps comes pre-installed on many Android handsets, but what if you need to get around quickly without being stuck in one place? What if you wanted to immediately launch a program, but didn’t want to have to launch it on the GPS screen or while on the lock screen? With the ability to directly go to the app, you can target a location and immediately open it. For example, if you were working from home, you could go directly to your Gmail account, view any recent emails, and even check any maps.


Wi-Fi Traced Positioning: If you use a linked tablet or smartphone to do your work, you know how difficult it is to be lost in a large city. With the ability to specify a radius and receive real-time location information about where you are in the world, smart phones make finding your way much easier than ever. Even if you’re traveling abroad or simply trying to enter a new country, with a simple tap you can see where you are and how close you are to any of your target devices. This is particularly helpful if you’re concerned about a security breach.


Private Browsing: Even if you’re not worried about security, you still don’t want anyone spying on you. That’s why it’s important that any apps you purchase have a private browsing mode. This will prevent anyone from seeing what you are doing on the internet. In addition to this, most reputable spy software will block advertisements on your screen while you’re browsing. The ability to browse the internet privately is incredibly important if you want to be sure that your kids are not stealing information from your bank accounts.

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Advanced Call Logs: Whether you’re cheating on your spouse, your lover, or your business partner, you want to be able to track exactly who they’ve been speaking to and how long they’ve been talking. Luckily, the developers of the Spybot Android sync app have made the necessary modifications to ensure it works seamlessly with any of your communication devices. Most phones will let you record voice calls directly from your smartphone, but some may require a separate recording device, such as a PDA or smartphone. You can also choose to receive call logs via email or text message instead of having them appear in your phone’s memory. Advanced call logs will allow you to view and listen to conversations between your loved ones, business partners, and your kids.


Emergency Contact: If you are away from home for any reason and you begin to receive text messages from your friends or family, you will want to know as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use your smartphone as a tracking tool for emergency contacts. Most modern smartphones include built-in search engines that will allow you to find emergency contacts and their contact numbers. The downside to this is that the search engine isn’t available unless your friends and family to update their contacts regularly. You can set the Google Now feature in your Google smartphone to send a text message to a friend’s phone when they update their list – and with a little bit of programming, this can even work when you’re on the road.