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A couple of days before the release of the new MF Evil Mod game by Myfyre, we got to play the alpha version. I was able to see some cool features that will be included in the full release of the game. For one, I get to choose my own character. I have my name as well as my alignment changed to reflect my personality. In this way, I get to experience what it’s like being a real boy.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The good part is that you can switch between different boys (from left to right) and experience their stories. My favorite is Misono. His sadistic behavior and cold mannerisms are so appealing to me. I especially love his English accent.


Another boy, Ciprian, seems like a nice guy. In the game, you can spend time with him and get to know him better. He also has his own story and you get to follow him as he continues on his journey. Although the game takes place in the present, I feel the story is relevant since most boy relationships are still occurring today.


The game tells a fast-paced story about two high school boys who are friends. One of them, MF, starts the game as the worse of the two boys. He seems to be a sadist and his methods are mean and cruel. However, he soon proves to have a good side that makes him end up becoming the most wanted boy in town.

Effects & Sounds

This boy is actually Ciprian. They are so different, but they are able to manage their relationship and remain friends. The game begins as both of them are walking down the street. They see a car accident happens and one of the boys gets severely injured. In order to save his friend, MF chooses to take him to the hospital, where he is treated very well. As he arrives home, his friend tells him that someone is trying to contact him but he doesn’t have his number.

Right after getting the news, MF goes to check out the Internet to find out if his friend is indeed still alive. He soon finds out that his boy friend is being held prisoner in a secret laboratory somewhere. Before he can do anything, three armed men dressed in black outfits suddenly enter the lab and arrest him. Thinking that it’s his friend, MF races to the front entrance and fights the three armed men.


This boy is definitely my hero. Not only did he get injured to a great extent, but he stayed true to his friend and followed the rules. When he finally got home, his family already knows about his story and decides to help him in any way they could. The whole story is about a boy going through puberty and turning into an adult. I think this game is actually very accurate because it brings life to what most kids would go through when growing up.

Experience After Reviw

This game is very funny, because it’s able to bring something to life that you wouldn’t usually experience. For me, it gave me a chance to learn more about my kid while playing. I was able to discover more about his real personality and learn why he does the things he does. Even though the game is only for kids, I think it’s great that we can still learn a lot from it and make our kids better people in the process. So if you’re planning to buy this game for your kid, I recommend that you buy it immediately!


About MF mod :-5 Sound Button
-1 Magic Mod Change Button
-99+ Sound Effect


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