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The new-generation Metropolitana 879 FM App brings to life the town of Metropolitana, Argentina. This new version of the classic game is more realistic and incorporates many aspects of real life that can be found in the real location.

It takes you right back to the 1950’s when this famous Argentinian musical group gained popularity.

Now players can experience the thrill of La Bandera de Metropolitana and the music from this popular Argentinian group. With all the exciting new features, players will have hours of fun.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Players are thrust into the center of a war-torn area in this exciting game. You play as Ivy, a singer for the Metropolitana band. Your mission is to keep your musical band in operation during this time. You must battle the locals and clear the way through dangerous territory, while attempting to earn cash and deliver merchandise to clients. Along the way, you must avoid capture and lose vital materials as well as battle other bands. You must utilize speed, skill, and coordination skills to score high and advance to the next level.


The adventure begins at the Metropolitana bar where you perform with your band. Throughout the game you will be invited onto the stage by the owner and perform a show for him and his guests. During this time, players can interact with the other patrons and try to locate missing friends and family. Throughout the night you will battle villains and magical creatures along the way. When you finally arrive at the final destination, the owner awaits you with a gift for you, as well as tickets for the next night’s performance.

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The graphics and 3D sound effects are realistic. The interface is clean and easy to use. The musical selections include popular standards, pop songs, Latin music, and the famous Christmas song, Auld Lang Syne. The game gives players a chance to experience a fun first-person shooter action. The controls are simple enough that even children who are new to gaming will find the interface easy to master.

Effects & Sounds

This musical adventure promises more than sixty levels of excitement. Each level is designed to test your patience, yet to also provide you with unlimited enjoyment. The various weapons and tools lend just the right touch of difficulty for any player of any age. The main goal is to make sure you do not run out of lives, as well as collecting all the musical notes and items within a thirty-minute time frame. To do this, you must practice the different instruments until you feel confident in how you play them. The levels are categorized as easy, medium, and difficult.


The game comes complete with a manual of some thirty pages. The manual provides you with basic instructions as well as a link for online help. Along with the manual, there are a number of secrets as well as guides scattered throughout the game itself. For each level, there is a collection of music and sounds as well as images to enhance the appearance of the levels. These are well crafted and provide a nice visual treat for anyone looking for a nice background while they play. You will also be able to learn how to unlock special songs as you progress through the game.


The majority of the audio in the game comes from the main menu option, which you can access by pressing the menu button at the bottom of the screen. The game automatically plays through all of your purchased downloads, and as long as you have not used the device in the last 30 days, it will automatically continue where you left off. The game features a number of diverse songs that will keep you entertained. Some of the music includes popular rock hits as well as holiday classics.

Experience After Review

When you want to play an adventure game that is entertaining and offers a wide array of different challenges, then nothing does it better than Metropolitana 879 FM App. The game plays extremely fast and is filled with a great deal of user friendliness. You will be able to save your progress, as well as see which levels you have completed without having to restart the device. The user interface is simple, yet provides an addicting gaming experience that you will truly appreciate.


Are you one of the millions of people who have Metropolitana 879 FM App installed in their mobile phones? If you are, then you must have also heard about the new game created by Metropolitana. You must be wondering how the company managed to create such an amazing game and earn millions of dollars every month. Well, here we will try to discuss all the points related to the game.


Metropolitana has been producing excellent games since years. However, most of them were available for free on other websites. The introduction of mobile gaming is one of the reasons why these apps earned high popularity among the masses. People loved to download these apps not only because they were fun to use but also because of the premium features that the game offered. These games kept users engaged and entertained.

Fully unlocked

After releasing several innovative and entertaining games, Metropolitana retained its place as one of the best game developers. It launched a new game called Metropolitana 879 FM App. This time, it was free to download. Moreover, it was enhanced with several amazing features. It featured real time racing with the best graphics and sound tracks, amazing tracks specially composed for DJ’s and other famous music artists, photo galleries, and much more.


People loved this latest release and downloaded the game just to play it. Immediately after installation, they saw that the game was full of life and had a realistic feel to it. They felt that it gave them the real touch of real-time racing. The users also appreciated the premium options, the game offered and were treated with high end features. This enhanced the enjoyment of the players.


This was just one of the Metropolitana 879 FM App releases from the developers. They offered several other exciting games like Space invaders, Excitebike, and many more. However, the game which retained its popularity in few months was called Motorstorm. Players loved playing this exciting game as they easily enjoyed the high quality sound effects and superb graphics. The game also provided unbelievable high speed performance, which made the players glued to the spot.


Though the game has passed its prime, you still can download it from various websites and enjoy it to the fullest. This is one of the most challenging games which is very well thought out. The player has to master all the tricks and stunts and win over the stage in order to escape the clutches of the villain. Therefore, it needs a good deal of strategy and smart thinking.


If you have not yet downloaded the game, you must do so at the earliest. Moreover, if you are a die hard fan of this exciting title, you may purchase the full version and enjoy the game to the fullest. There are no obligations or fees involved in the whole procedure. Thus, free version of the game is also available for the visitors who cannot spare some bucks due to various reasons.


If you search the internet carefully, you may find numerous sites that are offering free downloads of the game. It is advisable to choose a reliable site for downloading such games. If you get the full version of the title, you would be surprised to find out that you spent several dollars only for the sake of playing. It is better to take precautions before wasting money over such freebies.


Another interesting aspect of the app is its use of advanced technology. The background songs used in the game along with the sound effects are extremely lively. Therefore, you can relax completely while listening to them. Moreover, the free version of the app does not have any advertisements whatsoever. The player itself also has no adware or spyware installed on it.


The story of the game is based on the novel Eden of fear. The story begins at the turn of the 20th century. The main character is called Paul, who is from a rich family. His father always told him to study and to strive to achieve something higher. His passion for education never wavered, even when he joined the army.


The name of the villain, Dr. Darkkan is based on the novel The Day the Earth Stood Still by Karel Zakari. However, the villain’s real name is Paul Thule. If you like adventure games and your IQ is high you should definitely download the game.


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