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One of the best MMORPGs that was released in 2021 is the highly anticipated release of the newly release Hearthstone Game. This online role playing game (RPG) is now gaining huge popularity. The best feature of this game is its user friendly interface and exciting game modes. It is also one of the best World of Warcraft clones. So, if you are planning to play the best World of Warcraft MMORPG then look no further than the upcoming major update for Hearthstone.


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What is in store for the best World of Warcraft Strategy Card Game? Well, there are so many exciting new features that have been added to the latest version. There are several exciting new quests that are available. Moreover, the Arena where you can battle it out with other fellow players for your survival, is also being revamped. This will be truly captivating and a breath taking experience if you participate in the Arena.

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There are several exciting new class choices available to players. You can get Druid, Paladin, Mage, hunter, warrior, Neutral, and Neutral. These classes each have their own special features and unique skills which will be greatly beneficial for you as you embark upon your journey. There are new areas and stories to discover in the game as well.



In the game, you will be able to explore the mysterious valley of Forgetful Valley. This is the stomping ground of the infamous Gnome. The Gnomes are vicious creatures who are fiercely loyal to their queen. The newest storyline revolves around the Council of Six, which has been charged with the task of trying to stop the gnomes from torching the village of Stratholme and its surrounding areas. The quests in the game revolve around battling the gnomes and their allies.

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When it comes to playing the Paladin class, you can choose between the Holy Light or the Protection Paladin. The classes each have their own specific roles that are important in the game. Some of the best Paladin class tips are provided below. If you follow them closely, you will surely emerge as a winner in the Arena.


Playing the Paladin class is one of the best strategies to emerge a winner in the Arena. This is because of their high defense capabilities which will make them difficult to attack. Playing the role of a Paladin class player in the Arena will also give you a number of rewards. For instance, when you are defeated in the Arena, you will receive the Golden Paladin Statue. Moreover, the other rewards such as the Divine Wrath and the Hand of Vengeance will make you a formidable opponent.

In the first days of the game, players will face the dreaded troll. Players who do not know the tricks of the trade and do not have the right strategies will get crushed by the troll players. Therefore, learning the right strategies in the early stages of the game will be a great idea if you want to survive in the game. Learning the abilities of the different classes as well as the spells and abilities of the different cards in the game will help you a lot to survive.

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Thus, if you want to learn more about the game, do not forget to read the free tips provided below. These will definitely be helpful for you to learn more about the strategies and tips that you can use to play your best in the Arena. This will help you play your best in the Arena. So, what are you waiting for, play the best in the Arena and become the World Champion!