Download Goat VPN MOD APK (MOD, VPN Proxy & Unlimited Secure VPN) 3.3.1 Free For Android

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27 November 2021
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Download Goat VPN – Free VPN Proxy & Unlimited Secure VPN MOD Apk Free Download For Android


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Goat VPN App was released in June 2021. It has made an indelible mark in the mobile computing industry with its powerful features and unmatched performance. Goat VPN App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. You will enjoy unblocked Internet connection when you use Goat VPN App. Some of the vital Goat VPN App Features include:

Goat VPN App Story

I) Installation and Uninstallation The Goat VPN App can be easily installed on your Mobile devices via ‘Play Services’ or ‘SD Card Accessory.’ For instance, iPhone or iPad can be directly installed by clicking on the’Apps’tab on the iPhone Home screen. To install Goat VPN App on HTC Evo Shift or SMC SGHiress, you can follow the easy step-by-step procedure in the screenshots provided below. When you are ready to uninstall Goat VPN App, you can perform the same by accessing the’Apps’tab on your device and then clicking on the option ‘Remove.’


ii) Compatibility and Usage Google and other leading mobile device’s manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc. allow Goat VPN App to run flawlessly on their smartphones. You must have downloaded the Goat VPN App from the Google Play Store and also installed it on your handset or smart phone, depending on the device. The application works on both the iPad or iPhone and has been tested on these mobiles as well. However, if you are not having installed the Google Apps on your mobile device, you can easily go to Google Play Store and download the application by clicking on the’Apps’tab.


iii) Anonymous Browsing is one of the most common features that a Goat VPN App offers. You can surf the internet without revealing your IP address and this will make your online activities completely safe and secure. Your IP address is handled by the servers and is kept secret hence there is no fear of getting tracked through your activities.


iv) Handy Mode Another unique feature of Goat VPN App is its handy mode. This mode is not meant for gaming or streaming video content but for simple logging in and connecting to the server. This mode works by bypassing the android browser and going straight to the server. To access this mode, you need to connect to the server using another computer using another android emulator like an android phone or a tablet and then use the web browser from there.


A good working connection to the internet is necessary to be able to use Goat VPN App. For downloading the app you need to have an active internet connection like dial up connection or a Wi-Fi connection. You can check whether your internet is working properly by connecting to the web and checking whether you are getting an HTTP response or an Error Code. If you see the Error Code then it means that your connection is not active. The other way is to use an internet browser and try to connect to the Goat VPN server by going through the website.


Working windows as well as a mac version of the Goat VPN App is required to be installed on your android phone or tablet to get optimum usage of this app. Installing the app on your windows or mac system should be done from the application’s home page which can be found at the bottom of this article. Installation is quite easy and quick and within no time you will have both the iOS and android devices connected to the VPN server. You must be using the latest compatible versions of both the devices for efficient functioning of Goat VPN App on both these devices.


To successfully install Goat VPN App on your iOS or android device you need to follow the instructions given below carefully. First of all you need to download and install the official Goat VPN App from the official Goat VPN website. After installation of the app on your PC, open the Goat VPN App and follow the simple step-by-step installation process. Then follow the instructions to install the app on your device. Finally, enjoy the amazing Goat VPN service on your Mac or PC devices.


Goat VPN App has been gaining a lot of popularity and patronage ever since it was launched almost one year ago. It has successfully been able to attract a large number of internet users because of its unique services that no other service can provide. You might be wondering why a good number of people prefer using Goat VPN App, here are some of the things that make people choose this app:

Goat VPN App Graphics and Visual Quality

By accessing the internet in the safety and comfort of your own home, you can use the internet any time you want without being restricted by a membership or subscription. Being a VPN server, Goat is able to create a tunnel that effectively hides your network. Once you have become a member, you are provided with 5 different user accounts to choose from. You can use each of them for your own personal use.


Apart from the unique advantages that Goat offers, it also offers a wide range of features which makes it an ideal choice for many VPN users. The latest release of Goat VPN App is version 5 and is considered as one of the best apps available on the market today. This app features an easy to use interface that anyone can learn and use immediately. The features include the following:


FTP capabilities – This app allows you to connect to FTP remotely so you can make use of it to upload files or share folders. There is a free version of this app and a pro version, which cost $2.99 or more. There is an option for downloading both versions. If you do not wish to use the FTP option, then the free version can be used for the FTP function.


DNS and IP changing – Goat VPN App includes a feature that enables you to change your DNS server. You can use this feature to hide your real IP address and thus increase your online security. You can use this feature to go under various anonymous IP networks. This will improve the quality of your Internet connection and will prevent attacks and harassment from unwanted anonymous users.

Download Goat VPN MOD APK VPN Proxy & Unlimited Secure VPN) 3.3.1

Automatic redirection – You can automatically redirect your web traffic to any secure website by using this VPN app. You need to login to the app and set up redirects. For this you need to create an App ID and an App Key. These keys are kept secret and cannot be sold or shared. You can use this redirection feature while accessing social networking sites or other apps that require a secured network. This feature is useful for those who want to browse the Internet with a secured VPN.


Free VPN tunneling application – To get the best VPN service, you should look for a legitimate company that offers free VPN tunneling. There are some companies who offer this kind of service but you have to be careful in selecting a company. Most of these companies have a limited network and therefore they do not allow people to connect through their public network. Goat VPN is one of such companies that provide excellent VPN service. You can use the app for free for two weeks and if you like the service, then you can avail a two-week paid version.


The Goat VPN app has all the above features that are necessary for a hassle-free browsing. If you are thinking of a way to surf the Internet anonymously, then this app is the perfect option for you. The free VPN tunneling app is not hard to download and it is also a free trial, which is available until May 31st this year.