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Galaxy Invader is an arcade game that was created by Appsaratour. It is a platform game in which one needs to save planets by bombarding them with little balls. The enemies are space ships which will continually approach your space ship and try to reach it. You have various weapons available to destroy the approaching ships. However, sometimes the approaching ships will get out of the way and continue to pursue your ship.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Galaxy Invaders (6)

Galaxy Invaders Game has been downloaded more than a hundred million times. It has two modes, which are, normal and battle mode. In the normal mode you can select various weapons like laser shot, bombs, star burst, etc to destroy the approaching enemy crafts. And in the battle mode you need to select different items and destroy the enemy craft with it.


Galaxy Invaders Game has several other versions also, which have been designed by different artists. These have been very successful as they were loved by all. It is an android application which was inspired by the famous arcade game called UFO combat. The alien shooters were based on the ideas of scientists who were working at NASA. They designed the Galaxy Invaders Game as an application for a scientific research project.


After the successful release of this video game app on the mobile handsets, the manufacturers kept on releasing different versions of the same game. Today, this game is available free on the Android Market. There are several users who have been downloading this program and are quite happy with it. Many of them are even holding sales contests and giving away free Galaxy Invaders Game.

Effects & Sounds

Galaxy Invaders (1)

Another version of Galaxy Invasion Game is Galaxy Force. This video game is designed in the style of popular arcade games. It is a multiplayer online shooting video game app for the touch screen smart phones. Moreover, this game has several cool features that make it a great video game app.


Galaxy Force is an interactive game in which the player controls different space ships and the invaders by using various buttons and interactive functions. In this game the player has to shoot down the ships and defend the planets from the invaders. The player earns money and lives by scoring goals during play. The game comes under the category of action/adventure and can be played for free.


Galaxy Force is an exciting video game for the people belonging to any age group. It is a video game app which was originally meant to be an arcade game. But it has been changed into a strategic game where the player controls and flies their own fighter craft through the dangerous space hangars. The players also have to defend their space craft against the fierce alien forces. It comes under the category of action/adventure and can be played for free.

Experience After Reviw

Galaxy Invaders (2)

Galaxy Invasion Game is an exciting online action game that can be played free of cost and is a great space combat simulator. This thrilling game is not just for the hardcore gamers but also for the kids who love to play the video games. This game is a perfect fusion of fun, excitement and real-time strategies. This space combat simulator really helps kids improve their space flight skills as well as cognitive skills and it also helps them to enhance their hand eye coordination. It can be downloaded from different websites online and can be enjoyed for free.


Galaxy Force is not just another space-fighting game. It has many other modes and is a complete standalone game that can be played along with the Galaxy Invader Game. The player controls their fighter craft through various strategies to blast their enemies and win over their space ship. The player earns points and bonuses while winning and also after making all the kills.


The enemy ships are very tough and have very nasty weapons like plasma beam and laser shot. To destroy them, the player has to collect all the parts of the ships which are: deflectors, shields, control panel, power generators, etc. After assembling all these parts, the player has to blast his enemies with various weapons like missiles, anti-air guns and fighter jets. When an enemy ship gets close to the player, an alert sound and message box will be displayed on the screen and the player has to destroy the craft or move to another section of the galaxy. The player earns money and bonus points when he destroys his enemies.

Fully unlocked

Galaxy Invaders (3)

Galaxy Invaders Game is a simple and easy to learn game. You can simply use the mouse or keyboard to play this game. You can enjoy this game online for free and can even download it to play it directly at your PC. The user-friendly graphics and sounds will surely have you addicted to this game.


Galaxy Invaders Game is a challenging space combat game. It combines an exciting turn-based strategy game with an extremely challenging mission and equally challenging missions. If you love turn-based strategy games, you’ll definitely fall in love with it.


Galaxy Invaders Game features are worth to mention. You will find an endless number of things to do while playing Galaxy Invaders Game. If you buy the full version of Galaxy Invaders Game, you can spend more than 400 minutes of pure boredom. If you buy the same game on the affordable iPhone version, you can spend only 90 minutes of pure boredom. Galaxy Invaders Game can be played on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy S. If you buy the same game on a PC, you can spend several hours of your weekend playing the same game.


Galaxy Invaders (4)

Galaxy Invaders Game has four episodes with seven different stages each. To buy the complete version of Galaxy Invaders Game, you need to buy all episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game that are available in the store. In fact, Galaxy Invaders Game has many levels available which you can play.


There are two types of players who can enjoy Galaxy Invaders Game. The first group of players who can buy the full version of the game; buy the episodes of the same game they like. The second group of players can play through the in-app advertisement with real-time scoreboards and real-time leader boards. You can also enjoy a separate four episodes from the main game for managing your score.


There are few features that you can only enjoy if you buy the full version of Galaxy Invader Game. If you want to score more goals, you can use an animated avatar while you are playing. Similarly, the score and winner panel can be customized as per your choice. The game can be played in three difficulty levels which are advanced, expert and master. If you wish to manage score after playing the whole episode, you can purchase the in-game money.


Galaxy Invaders (5)

There are several levels available in the Galaxy Invaders Game, which you can enjoy through the episodes of the game. If you like, you can even purchase the special episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game. The special episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game contain additional levels, new episodes, and bonus episodes of the original game. It is very important to pay attention to the features offered in the in-app purchase of the original Galaxy Invaders Game. If you have installed the best version of the program, you can enjoy the Galaxy Invaders Game to the fullest.


Galaxy Invaders Game is very much similar to the classic arcade game and can be played using the similar controls. If you are keen to learn new skills with the help of the in-built pointers and buttons, it would be better to purchase the episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game. The buying of the original episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game will allow you to access the tutorials and learn new techniques and strategies to fight the aliens. If you purchase the episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game after mastering the previous levels, you can buy the power ups as well as the weapons for your personal use. There are many power ups in the original Galaxy Invaders Game which can be purchased as well as the weapons if you wish to buy them later.


If you purchase the original Galaxy Invaders Game, you will receive a code that you can enter into the computer to activate the special power ups of the game. The code activates the special features of the game and you can now enjoy fighting the aliens. The best thing about the original Galaxy Invaders Game is that you do not have to purchase the episodes of the original game again to enjoy the game to the fullest. If you enjoy the original Galaxy Invaders Game, you can purchase the episodes of Galaxy Invaders Game from any video gaming stores to enjoy the full pleasure of the game.