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The seventh installment in the wildly popular Jurassic Park series pits the hatchlings of the island’s first batch of genetically engineered dinosaurs against a pack of vicious predator-like creatures from another world. As they struggle to survive, they’re presented with a myriad of obstacles and a wealth of opportunities to explore. This highly-anticipated seventh installment of the award-winning Jurassic Park video game franchise features some of the most stunning high-definition visuals ever created on console systems. A steady stream of new content adds to gameplay, and the addition of improved multiplayer functionality gives players a chance to go the distance in co-op mode and rescue the helpless dinosaurs that were ripped apart in the opening prologue to the video game. Bringing a wealth of fully unlocked features and dinosaurs to the table, Jurassic World: Survivor is certain to become one of the most highly-rated online games on Wii, as well as one of the most popular Wii games overall.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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As the sole survivor of the facility under attack by the terrifying I’gerunds, the last remaining member of the team must utilize all of his resources to make an escape from the facility. Navigating the darkened corridors and battling through a massive horde of enemies on foot and in a vehicle, means that the player will have to find the strength and agility to stay alive long enough to complete the objective set before them. In the process, the facility manager will have to devise a plan of attack in order to defend against the horde of creatures that are bent on razing the facility to the ground. Additional objectives can be introduced as the gameplay progresses, ensuring that the prehistoric theme does not become stale or boring.


As the facility manager, you’ll be required to implement a variety of complex algorithms and control scheme controls to successfully complete each level of the game. For example, the facility’s security lock-outs can be enacted manually or automatically, depending on the level of access you have access to. Likewise, the various puzzles and challenges must be approached using certain patterning schemes. One of the more complex puzzles requires you to build a fence that keeps a group of dinosaurs (presumably the T-Rexes) from entering the restricted area. Other puzzles consist of building railways and enclosing areas in order to protect the weakly-sized dinosaurs from attack by a massive flock of advancing raptors.


There is a ton of Easter egg themed activity and hidden objects to discover in the Jurassic Park Game. For example, there are eggs within the fort, which when flipped will reveal small clues about what the hatchlings are. Likewise, when you drill into one of the many rock formations in the game, a co-worker who works in the paleontology lab will react and let you know which species of dinosaur can be found within. Additionally, there are also numerous other surprises waiting to be discovered as you run through the facility, like dinosaur eggs and other objects that can help you complete various tasks throughout the game.

Effects & Sounds

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One of the more difficult levels in the game involves facility management, where you have to keep an eye on ailing amphibians and take care of a wide variety of functions within the facility like controlling the flow of traffic, preventing strikes or interruptions and keeping an eye on the security of the facility. In addition, you’ll need to build up the island’s infrastructure so that it is functional. As you move through the island you will have to watch the daily activities of the facility manager and interact with the other tenants.


The island features several biological experiments for the Jurassic Park Game, such as a mosquito repellent that will eliminate any mosquitoes that happen to be near the island. Additionally, when a storm occurs you can use a hurricane platform to clear the way. Some of the other tools you have at your disposal include a crane to move large pieces of the island, a grapple to move and hold large pieces of equipment around and a trampoline to give the island its vertical boost.


The storyline of the Jurassic Park Game follows a man called John Simmons, who is sent on a mission to protect the island from a rampaging group of dinosaur species. Naturally, there are some risks involved for John and his loved ones as well. When a storm arrives, which is thought to contain dangerous dinosaur eggs, John and his wife have to evacuate the island using only their RV. However, the couple’s luck is short-lived when a dinosaur attack causes all of the dinosaurs to turn into dangerous creature. Now the facility is on lock-down and John must continue his search to find out what has happened to the remaining dinosaurs on the island. Along the way he encounters a number of animals, like a fire-breathing bee and an armed dinosaur, who want to help him in his mission.

Experience After Reviw

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Overall, the Jurassic Park Game is quite fun to play. It offers a fast pace and several different levels that will keep you wanting to return to the island and its many attractions over again. The graphics are very detailed and well designed, and the sound effects are realistic. The biggest drawback of this game is the short level length. Other than that, this is a great video game that many can enjoy.


Let your imagination run wild as you play the highly addictive game titled as Jurassic Park in the Facebook platform. In this highly engaging and hilarious game, players are thrown into a new kind of adventure as they survive the attacks of a pack of prehistoric creatures. You have to use your wits and agility to win over the game as well as survive the hungry attack of these prehistoric creatures. If you are a die-hard fan of dinosaurs then Jurassic Park: Feeding Frenzy is the perfect game for you.


The plot of the Jurassic Park: Feeding Frenzy revolves around a new angle of the story line where the previous Jurassic Park storyline ends. As a result, there are new characters including a human wife of paleontologist who had been bitten by a dinosaur. This resulted in an uncontrollable urge to feed these creatures which leads to the whole facility getting shut down. All those left are confined to the island base and are under strict orders not to make any type of mess or move any of their stock. If any of the team is found making any kind of mess, they are shot, so as to uphold the security of the entire facility.

Fully unlocked

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In the beginning stages of the game, you get to enjoy all the traditional co-op activities like hunting, protecting the base, controlling different characters, controlling the dinosaurs etc. But once you clear the level called ‘rehension’, you get introduced to a new mission. In this stage, you get to work on your physics and artificial intelligence to put together, and design the facility. This task is basically a combination of designing the park, managing resources, creating new stories, increasing the level’s difficulty etc.


There are several exciting and varied features that will add flavor to the game. A lot of experiments are being done in the background, which will help you understand the behavior of various species of dinosaurs. In addition to this, the artificial intelligence allows you to develop new strategies for controlling the dinosaurs. The features of the Jurassic Park Classic version remain intact; you can fully unlock the Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved Features for full pleasure.


The facility administrator has to deal with a number of objectives in the background. These objectives include; creating the breeding grounds for the dinosaurs, creating different food sources for the carnivores, breeding the carnivores with tamed tame dinosaurs etc. The facility administrator is also required to monitor the population count of the dinosaurs, keep an eye on their behavior etc. The Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved also gives you the option to ride the leader of the dinosaurs, Dinosauropus.


Dino Survival Jurassic World (2)

The facility allows you to ride him like an ordinary bike and give him some sort of a boost. Other than this, there are many other exciting features like controlling the direction of the wind etc. All the aforementioned features can be controlled with the use of the controllers, which are placed near the console. A simple comparison can be made by looking at the earlier version of Jurassic Park as well. You can see that the dinosaurs were controlled using controllers while in this version you are permitted to use the mouse.


In Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved, the facility has been recreated to a high tech level. There are many other additions too, which make the game more interesting. Some other additions in the Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved includes; the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mosasaurus and Pterodactyls. The latter three are much bigger version of the ordinary Velociraptors and Triceratops. These three species have different characteristics, but in case you are wondering which of them will be best, you should opt for the T-Rex as it is the most powerful of the bunch.


You can take the assistance of an in-game guide when playing the Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved. This is a helpful tool, which explains all the features of the game in easy to understand language. All controls of the Jurassic Park: Survival Evolved can be used by using the keyboard and the Xbox 360 controller. If you feel that the game is too hard for your own good, then you can always go for the beginner’s mode, where there are fewer options and levels to choose from. With constant updates being added to the game, it is possible that the quality will get better, which will also make the game more interesting.


The Dinosaurs are here! It is time to survive. You were taken to a mysterious island full of monsters. You will die of hunger and cold so get up and survive the epic Dino Survival: Jurassic World.

Building a shelter is the best way to survive in this game. You will need to navigate through the jungles and defeat dinosaurs. Be the king of Jurassic World by conquering the dinosaurs.


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Upgrade your village – Take part in battles
– Collect epic loot & resources
– Simple interface with amazing graphics
– Simple controls
Beautiful animations

Are you able to survive on this lost island? Get the game now to immerse yourself into the Jurassic World!

Dino Survival: Jurassic World, a free online game. Enjoy it!


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