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Darkfire Heroes (abbreviated to Darkfire) is an online role-playing video game based on the hit anime series, the Japanese anime series, and Korean drama series, The Master of Martial Arts. It is the prequel to the hit Korean movie, Kill Me Now. The story revolves around a boy who awakens a mysterious force that’s kept him from sleeping since he was a child. The boy then joins forces with his friend, who also has the power to summon other special forces called ‘GFs’, and together they form a team to search for the ultimate mythical object known as the Dark Flame. Here’s a quick rundown of the Darkfire Heroes Game’s features and visuals:

Darkfire Heroes Game Story

Darkfire Heroes (5)

Darkfire Heroes Game Overview The story behind Darkfire Heroes revolves around a boy, Hyung-Soo Park, who lives in the world of dreams and magic. One day, he went to look for his long lost twin brother, Jung-Wook. They encounter several mysterious and powerful enemies, which the twin decides to fight back and save his life. Once they have come out of the confrontation, they realize that their enemies have transformed into three powerful beings known as Dark Fire. With this amazing power, they intend to invade the human world and will stop at nothing to do that.


To make up for the ever lagging animation effects, Darkfire Heroes utilizes some well done special attacks and spells that make the whole battle experience a thrill. The Darkfire Heroes mobile game has several standard units such as the usual male warrior and female sniper, but also have some more unique ones such as the dragonoid robot, snail-like humanoids, and insectoid warrior. These units each have different skills and abilities, and Darkfire Heroes has even more that you can unlock once you have collected enough gold. Plus, there is also several Darkfire Agents that can be purchased through the shop to further improve your troops’ capabilities.


Darkfire Heroes Features The game modes in Darkfire Heroes are divided into two different sections: Story mode and co-op game mode. In the story mode, you play as Park and can be assisted by other players while you complete the quests and earn gold and other items. You are also given the opportunity to recruit different Darkfire Agents to help in battle. There are three different hero classes in the game, and each one of them comes with its own set of skill trees. Your Agent can specialize in either offense or defense, and each of their skills can be honed to perfection by spending enough time and energy. You will also be given the chance to level up your agents, so try doing that to increase your Darkfire Heroes level count.


In the co-op game, which takes place in the Android Emulator, you are tasked to do various tasks like capturing the enemies and defending the castles you’re defending. The game modes in Darkfire Heroes are split up into two different parts – versus play and Endless mode. The two play modes will enable you to really hone your playing skills with the use of the different Darkfire Agents in the game.


Darkfire Heroes (2)

In the Versus play mode, you are pitted against waves of enemy players that try to capture your Darkfire Agents for their own Darkfire Heroes stash. The Agents can be used to do a variety of different jobs, including healing and doing damage. It’s important to note that the enemies do not actually see you when using these Darkfire spells, so you must get very close to the enemy to cast spells and attack them. The most effective spell combinations in this mode include units with heal and attack power, ranged attackers, spellcasters and towers.


The online Darkfire Heroes game modes are available from the official Facebook page, and there are also several different guides available for download from various gaming websites. These guides will teach you the ins and outs of the game modes, including how to build the best team, complete the quests, and more. A darkfire guide can help you defeat the enemies and learn how to make the best team combination for each individual character in the game.


For fans of old-school RPGs, Darkfire Heroes may not be what you’re looking for, but it certainly is an entertaining and interesting new take on this type of turn-based RPG. It’s very action-packed, with lots of quests to complete, enemies to fight, and spells to learn as you go. With an emphasis on PvP (player versus player) combat, this game offers you the chance to pit your wits against the top gamers around the world. If you enjoy old-school RPGs, a good dose of fantasy with a dose of action is just what you need.

Darkfire Heroes Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Darkfire Heroes (4)

Darkfire Heroes Game is an exciting new character collection game featuring exciting real-time strategies and battle strategies. The dark magic has been subdued and now it is your duty to put it back and defend the world. You can play this game single player and take up arms to save the world. You can also play it with a group of friends to defeat the evil bosses. Darkfire Heroes has been out of the closed beta but is now nearing full release and is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

In the game, Darkfire Heroes features a hero character and three to six player character teams in which each one of them has a different type of hero. There are a healer, DPS (damage dealer) and DPS (damage) absorber in each team. To win the game, you must learn to play each hero well and choose the right kind of weapon as well as the right armor and shield. You can choose from a variety of armors and shields and three different types of weapons like the dagger, mace or bow. To defeat your opponents, you must know their weak points and quickly move from one to another while dealing out a considerable amount of damage and finishing off your opponents with a powerful burst of damage or magical attack.


Darkfire Heroes comes with two games modes in which to play, the Story and Multiplayer modes. In the single player game, you play as one of the selected heroes who have come to rescue the world from darkness. You start by earning experience points and leveling up. You can find all the chests and items in chests throughout the maps. You are provided with all the required spells, items and weapons at the beginning stages but you will find it difficult to level up since there are few map obstacles in between you and the goal.

Experience After Darkfire Heroes Gameplay

Darkfire Heroes (1)

The other game modes in Darkfire Heroes include the Arena Game modes and the Skirmish Game modes. The Arena Game mode is where you need to put up a fight against waves of opponents that are coming at you. You have a limited number of attacks that you can use against the opponents and if they succeed in hitting you, then it will automatically be followed by another attack. The goal of this mode is to survive as long as possible and eventually you will be able to use powerful dark magic spells on the opponents. However, if you get hit by one of their dark fire spells then you will be defeated.

The Multiplayer mode in Darkfire Heroes allows you to pit your wits against other online players. You can either go head to head or even play with the computer. It’s free to download so there’s nothing to lose. Plus, there are various levels in this mode so even those who have little or no experience with role-playing games can enjoy it. The only downfall with it is that you won’t have any control over the spells that your characters use, but it’s still a good way to practice and become more familiar with using these spells.

Darkfire Heroes pre-register to be able to take part in the closed beta of the game. The Heroes Soft Launch has limited numbers so make sure to register before the deadline. This will also help ensure that the community is well prepared for the closed beta testing. This game will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Live Arcade on March of next year. As with all confirmed games, the pre-register is given a ten-day period for any changes or bugs to be filed.

Download Darkfire Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Mana v1.28.1

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The game is developed by Big Fish Games, the folks behind the popular Fall of Rome and Dungeon Fighter Online series of RPG games. It features a rich fantasy story with an added element of real-time battles. You’ll have to choose between different characters as you battle the bad guys. Each character has its own strengths, skills, weapons, and attacks that must be used against their opponents. If an enemy manages to escape to the opposing side, the combat will then ensue. You’ll also be able to switch back and forth between characters easily using the handy menu.


Darkfire Heroes is not only a role-playing game, but also a narrative driven mobile rpg with real-time battles. Play as one of many main characters and have your life be turned upside down in an epic fantasy adventure. If you like classic RPGs but are tired of the repetitive nature of the gaming experience, then this is definitely for you. Darkfire Heroes is definitely worth checking out. It’s well worth the money spent as the game is going to provide hours of smooth, action packed gaming.