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The Dance Revolution: Street Game is the most anticipated installment in the popular dancing video game series. It is set to be released on May 16th, 2021 and is already available in the online shop. A free demo has been offered to the first 100 of the players who ordered the original game package at e bay. This review will highlight the best features of the upcoming update to the popular dancing road game.


The game revolves around a group of youngsters who are on their way to a shopping mall. Unfortunately, the group gets lost on the way. There seems to be no way out except for the dancing street game that they got from the shop. They have to use their movements in order to avoid being spotted by the guards at the mall. The game gives you the time to enjoy the cool dancing and the amazing graphics.

Dancing Road GAME latest version 2022

The street dancing game can be played with the mouse or the keyboard of your computer. The controls of the game moves the dancer by the left and right keys. Using the keyboard will move the dancer by the space bar. There is also a hint button, which gives you tips on how to do the different moves of the dancing. The keyboard will not move so rapidly as the mouse does so it might become difficult to maneuver quickly.


One of the exciting features of the dancing street game is the new story line. The game starts with a mysterious masked girl known as the Gamekeeper. He wants to make you his test subject. He wants to see if you have what it takes to learn to dance. And he would give you a very tough test indeed. The game will force you to use the different aspects of your body to conquer the challenges that arise.


As you move through the different levels of the street dancing game, you will be asked to perform difficult dancing moves. These moves will be difficult such as the floor spin and the pole walk which are simple to master. Once you have learned the basic moves, you will be tasked to perform more complicated moves that challenge you even further.

You cannot defeat the Gamekeeper in the level unless you learn the secrets of the dancing world. This level is the final test of your abilities. The last level of the game will challenge you to learn the true meaning of dancing and get through the many obstacles in the game to reach the level cap.


A new feature of the Dancing Road Game is the alternate costumes that can be bought for the game. You can buy two alternate costumes to play as the character of the game. These are the Blue Dancer and the Freelance Lady. These costumes are more expensive than the other costumes. But the fun never stops as you have the opportunity to show off your moves with these exciting costumes.


The Dancing Road Games online is the perfect place to de-stress and relax after a hard day’s work or school. The Dancing Road Game is definitely a unique combination of an online dancing game and a video game. So go online and search for these games today!

new update 2022

The game gives you the option of playing it either alone or with other players. You can choose the best mode that suits you the most. There are three game modes available, which include: Story mode which is the story of the Game balances on the score. Time trial mode allows you to try the game out for free before you make the purchase.


The characters in the games include the following: the Blue Believer, the Freelance Lady, the Little Chef and the Crowded Dealer. You can switch between the characters as you like to change the moods of the game. In the game the dancing is all about the flamenco dance moves. The dancing is done by twirling the rod like a sword or a staff to create some excitement in the crowd.


In this game you can also buy the latest gear for yourself and then start the Street Party as soon as possible. The game is designed to give you the real time feeling as you take part in the lively dancing. You can get all the updated information on the game website which has an updated list of stages and the rewards given for them. All the costumes worn by the dancers can be viewed so that you can create your own set of the players wearing similar costumes. The dancing street party is sure to be an exciting night for everyone.