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For those who don’t know, Combat Quest is a turn-based, tactical RPG game. For the last several years, the folks at Vivendi Universal Games have been hard at work on an updated version of Combat Quest, which will be coming out soon. The new version promises to be even better than the original. Here’s a quick overview of what is offered in the Combat Quest Archer Action RPG Game, along with some information on the game’s visual quality and sounds.

Combat Quest Archer Action RPG Game Story

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The story behind Combat Quest is that you’re recruited by the Order of the Silver Star and sent on a mission to serve in their army. You don’t know how long you’ll be on this assignment – it could be a week, a month or more – but you have to complete your assignment before you can leave. You start out with only a bow, and your goal is to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible and survive to get back home. Of course, the longer you can survive the better – and the better you become, the better your skills are for future assignments.


Combat is turn-based, and you move through the game using click and roll/clicking (X button) based on where you are in the scene. It’s a bit slower than you would expect, but it fits the style of an RTS style game. I really enjoyed playing the non-linearity of the game. Each level has a time limit, and sometimes you have to perform actions again to move forward; however, it keeps you busy and keeps the gameplay from getting stale. I especially enjoyed the side quests and were they worth the time to complete?


Combat is divided into two areas: melee and ranged. When you’re not actively fighting, you can spend time casting spells or using items to heal yourself. You can also buy and sell items while you level up, which is a nice feature. In my opinion though, the real enjoyment was had when I was fighting. The ability to chain attack, combo attacks, interrupts, and buffs all contribute to a memorable experience.


Combat in this game is very basic, although, the goal is to be good enough to kill as many opponents as possible with your arrows. You earn money by winning battles – however, money isn’t always readily available to buy arrows and other equipment so you have to earn it elsewhere. There are three difficulty levels, which increase your chance to earn money. The first level is quite easy, while the third increases your earning potential exponentially.


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When you level up, you are rewarded with experience points (IP). You start off with 200 IP, but the more you level up, the more powerful you are and the more money you will make. It’s a simple, linear game in that regard. Once you reach a certain amount of experience, you’re allowed to purchase an arrow for $1000 or more and then you’re allowed to use it on an enemy.


There are a couple of different arrow types in the game. The first are Longbow, Shortbow, and Crossbow, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can upgrade your bow by finding components that are rare or purchasing them from an NPC, depending on your play style. Once you have an upgraded arrow, you can use it on an enemy to inflict damage and cause some form of stun, stopping the enemy from moving.


Combat in this game is done a lot like the classic turn-based RPG battles. You’ll be asked to select a class before you begin playing and you’ll be given a number of combatant type races. The player has a couple of choices; they can choose to play a melee character, like a Warrior or a Rogue, or a character with a variety of magical abilities; Mages, Rogues, and Witches. The combat is turn-based and the player has a limited number of turns to perform actions. The player also has a variety of options when it comes to stats – whether to improve agility, strength, stamina, and intelligence, and so forth. These options affect the way the character looks and plays; a well-balanced character will have high attack power, but good defense and wisdom, while a weak character will have low defense, but good magic power.

Combat Quest is an RPG (role playing game), which is extremely popular among the PC gaming community. The game involves a player controlled character who goes into battle against enemy soldiers. The combat is engaging and offers plenty of challenge to the player. Combat quests are now available for free on the market as a download. If you enjoy role-playing games, this is one of the best PC RPGs for you to try.

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

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With the latest release of Combat Quest Archer, I decided to go and download it so that I could test it out. I did not know much about the game since it was not yet released for free on the market. This is a PC game where players have to survive and make their way through a fantasy world that combines elements of medieval fiction and the amazing arrowhead action shootouts featured in other PC RPG games such as Baldur’s Gate. With a free trial for the game, I downloaded and installed it. From the moment I started playing, it was obvious that Combat Quest Archer was going to be an exciting game.


Combat Quest is set in an intricate fantasy world. I loved the fantasy world that was created within the game play itself. Combat quests were designed in such a way that they gave me a real adventure. Every combat sequence in the game had its own reason and made sense. Combat Quest features both text and voiceovers, and this is just icing on the cake.


Combat is simple but addictive. When a player gets attacked by an enemy, he has to choose a skill to fight the enemy using his bow and arrows. The arrow keys control the bow movement and aiming. The left mouse button is used to move the view, while the right mouse button is used to fire the arrow. The keyboard commands are used to perform other functions, including switching between weapons and taking screenshots.


Combat can last up to 10 minutes, depending on how much conflict the players have with the opposing factions. For example, there are Blood Elves and High Elves fighting. If you side with the elves, you will be given a list of objectives to complete before the battle ends. When the mission is complete you will gain experience points (EXP) and a level. As your level increases, you will be able to choose from different weapons that you can use to attack the enemies and other obstacles in the game.

Experience After Combat Quest Archer Action RPG Gameplay

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Combat can be quite challenging, especially at higher levels when the player has several high ranking players fighting beside him. The arrow keys will move the camera, and the mouse click will fire the bow. Using potions during game play will also help the player to survive longer, although there are also some nasty monsters in the game to take out too.


Unlike other RPG games, in this one you are not limited to certain equipment. Each character in the game is able to equip themselves with different armors. You can also swap between them, if you need to go from one to another. The only armor that you cannot change between are your helmets.


Combat in this game can be very intense, as you are required to quickly look for an enemy before they kill you. Although the arrow keys will move the camera, it still requires precision when aiming. The arrow keys are not just used to aim the bow; they can also be used to attack. As the game play progresses, you will fight more difficult enemies and will eventually reach the high levels. Since you are required to perform some very quick actions, this is the reason why many people who play this type of PC game prefer to play it during their free time.