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Today the world is seeing an amazing new invention in the mobile device world called the Carly OBD2 App. With the OBD2, a person can easily see and even control their car’s diagnostic trouble with ease, it even has the capability to store the diagnostics information and save them on an SD card for future use. This application can be used with the latest smartphones and other devices. The only thing you need is an OBD reader to take advantage of this amazing technology.

Graphics and Visual Quality

For drivers who are always concerned about their fuel pressure, a portable tool such as the OBD2 app is a must for all vehicles. Most of the vehicles today come equipped with an obd2 decoder but still there are many who want to have more detailed information about their vehicles. The vehicles still throwing up trouble codes and lit up light so think need to do a fuel pressure adjustment lock and timing rollback so that the carly odd app will work properly. You can do this with an OBD2 app by getting the codes read and reset by the handheld computer, then you can either download and install the app on your smartphone or get a USB for the device and transfer it to your car.


Other utilities of the Carly OBD2 App includes the facility to see at a glance the engine performance data, the speedometer, the odometer, the fuel pressure, and the speedometer readings. Other utilities of the software include the ability to view the faults on the auto warranty claim history. There is even the facility to view and lock the fuel pressure and the speedometer. Other utilities of the software includes the facility to send alerts to your cell phone, e-mail and even to your dedicated email address.


The utility of the device also allows you to reset or back up the diagnostic data in the vehicle. In this way you can keep track of the repairs that are required after any damage to the vehicle. This is especially useful if you live out of town and the vehicle that you want to fix is located in a different city. If there is a fault code displayed on the dashboard which matches with the one displayed in the OBD2 error code, you can directly connect the vehicle to the computer and reset the unit. You can use the same OBD2 bank 1 error code to identify the malfunctions that are associated with the electrical system.

Effects & Sounds

The Carly OBD2 device was first launched by a company called Easytone as a tool for the automotive industry. Today there are numerous versions of the Carly OBD2 Reader available and they have been modified to work with different vehicles including Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, trucks, vans and other passenger vehicles. The device has also been incorporated into the Apple cars iPhone. Now you can easily check the engine monitor of your vehicle from anywhere in the world by simply installing the iPhone. This makes it extremely convenient for people who are always on the move and need to check their car’s engine monitor from wherever they are.


The Carly OBD2 App does not only monitor faults that have been detected in the electronic control systems of the vehicles. It is capable of sending alerts to the concerned authorities when codes are sent to it. For instance, when a faulty ignition switch is causing intermittent problems, you can be sure that the local police station will be alerted immediately. Similarly, if the airbag has been deployed but there is no problem, the authorities can be informed immediately. You can get more detailed information from the utility of the device, if you purchase the upgraded version. In fact you can download the updated version of the software free of cost.


With the help of this tool you can keep track of all the vehicles that make use of the Bluetooth connection to connect with the device. For example, when an automatic driver starts making unusual noises, the mechanic can use the Carly OBD2 App to diagnose the fault and determine what needs to be done. The device uses the OBD scan codes to identify the diagnostic trouble codes. The device has the ability to monitor many common vehicle faults. It is capable of sending alerts to the control centre if any codes are sent to it.

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If you want to be absolutely sure that the diagnostic tool is able to pinpoint the exact reason for the error, you can get it connected to a computer and connect the MAC address of the device. The process is as simple as copying the error code and pasting it on the Windows registry of the computer. However, if the error occurs at unusual times you need to visit a mechanic for a diagnosis. This way you will know exactly what the problem is and what has to be done. The Carly OBD2 App is just one of the ways to keep yourself out of the dark and find out the root cause of the problem.


With the latest update of the Mobile Data Management Association (MDA) handheld tool, all of us will surely benefit from its technological advancements, which will provide us with the assistance we need to keep track of our cars when they are hooked up to the road. The latest Mobile Data Management Association (MDA) mobile scanning tool has been upgraded for the better. Learn more about what the latest update means for the mobile scanning device, especially for the consumers.


What is Carly OBD2 app? How to download Carly OBD2 app? The new mobile scanning tool from the Mobile Data Management Association (MDA) is the most sophisticated and the most efficient smartphone apps that help you get your vehicle data, including diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). With the help of the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) your car’s diagnostic system can track problems of different types. Whether it is an engine to misfire, a flooded radiator, a bad air pressure or a fuel line blockage, the computer system of your vehicle will monitor and track it through the MDA’s multi-vehicle tracking systems. It uses a unique identification code, which needs to be captured in the Smart Chip or the UPC, to help recover the data.

Fully unlocked

For those who want to perform DIY repairs on their car, the MDA’s app gives you the ability to check engine lights. In addition, it also guides consumers through common problems, which are associated with the check engine light. You can even conduct manual maintenance check on your vehicles whenever required. If you do not want to call a mechanic, the MDA’s app has the ability to conduct diagnostics on your phone. You just need to have the PIN or the serial number of the faulty device.


Car Diesels are now available in most of the countries. However, some countries do not allow Mercedes Benz diesel engines to use some of the newest technologies. Carly OBD2 smartphone app can help you scan your car engine and check whether you are using the latest version. With this latest release of the smartphone app, Mercedes Benz as well as other manufacturers are taking their vehicles for a ride.


The Carly OBD2 smartphone app was designed by an experienced and talented group of professionals, who have years of automotive knowledge. The team has conceived an accurate and user-friendly device that helps consumers with their vehicle troubles. Since the device scans and stores vital information on a wide range of vehicle trouble codes, most manufacturers offer their vehicles with these scanners.


However, there were several problems associated with previous versions of the Bluetooth in diagnostics app. It took a very long time for the device to scan and upload data to the database. The final results of the scan process could not be seen immediately. If you want accurate diagnostic information, you had to wait for the Bluetooth wireless diagnostic connector to connect to the scanner.


However, the advanced version of the smartphone ios software is able to read and decode Bluetooth signals. It is able to transmit the data to the computer, which is connected to the device via Bluetooth. The scanner, once connected to the computer displays detailed information regarding the engine trouble code. You can get the exact diagnosis, which indicates why the check engine light goes on in the first place. With the help of this software, you can easily monitor all the components of your vehicle and understand the diagnostic trouble codes.


The software is also capable of sending email or SMS notifications. In fact, this technology is also in use in other smart devices, such as smartphones. In the future, this innovative technology might become a part of the automotive industry. This is one of the reasons why companies are trying to embed this technology into their vehicles. Carly OBD2 app for iPhones is an excellent solution for monitoring multiple vehicle components. Therefore, it is suggested that you download this application to your smartphone, so that you can conveniently monitor your vehicles in real time