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24 May 2022
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Almost a Hero Game Story

Almost a Hero (3)

Almost a Hero Game has become one of the most downloaded apps in the Android Market. This action-packed free idle RPG Click APK is a Role Playing Games for Android. It gives you hours of entertainment and can be played alone or with your friends. You can also download the Almost Hero Game latest update which gives you more exciting content.


Almost a Hero is an award winning RPG (role playing game) puzzle game. Your task is to save the world from an impending threat. You play as one of the famous heroes in this fast paced adventure game and explore the fantastic world of Almost Hero. Your mission is to save the world from the dungeon dwellers and magical creatures. In order to do so, you have to click on various objects in the environment to progress through the level. The further you progress, the more challenging the puzzles become.


Almost a Hero Game is very much different from the typical flash-based clicker games available on mobile devices. This interactive puzzle game is ready to play on your tablets, smart phones and other wireless devices. To play the Almost a Hero Game in almost game mode, just connect your device to the internet using any of the available methods. You will then see a screen displaying Almost a Hero Game, where you can select a hero from a variety of available choices.


To download this amazing idle rpg clicker game, pay a reasonable price using your credit card. After paying, you can download the game on your mobile phone or tablet. There are no extra charges like in the case of freeware or shareware programs. So, almost all devices that are powered by android will be able to run Almost a Hero Game.


Almost a Hero (2)

Almost a Hero Game has a number of features that differentiate it from other idle rpg clicker games available on the internet. To start with, almost all the controls of this game are done with the mouse or keyboard. It is also possible for the user to change the control method of the hero using the touch screen of their mobile phone or tablet. They can also select a particular hero, from a wide variety of choices, to start off the game. Almost a Hero Game is completely free to play. However, to access the free heroes, you need to download the game on your device first.


Almost a Hero Game has an in-game newsletter, which helps in keeping in touch with fans of the game. This newsletter is available both in text and video formats. You can also download the free Almost a Hero wallpaper from the Android Market, which is basically an enhanced version of the logo of the hero. Almost a Hero Game is well supported by a dedicated team of mobile application developers, who have made more than 35 mobile applications in the game itself.


The Almost a Hero Clicker Game has been downloaded by many users, as it is fun to play. The simplicity of the controls makes it an ideal idle clicker game for children as well as teenagers. This browser game can be downloaded from the Android Market for free and played straight away. Moreover, to beat the stages, you must collect powerups that are found almost everywhere in the game and use them to damage the enemy characters of the villain teams, which are also controlled by the mouse or keyboard of the player.


Almost a Hero was one of the very first idle rpg clicker games to come out, and it has since become a popular download. Almost a Hero is a game that anyone can enjoy playing on their mobile phone. Almost a Hero Game requires almost zero technical knowledge and has great sound effects. In case you do get lost, the user interface will guide you through the game. The game has no advertisements, and you can download it absolutely free of cost, which makes it a truly attractive download.

Almost a Hero Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Almost a Hero (5)

Almost a Hero Game is a role-playing game and an award winning one at that. Almost Hero Game graphics and visual quality are superb along with excellent sound effects. Almost a Hero Game is the first Click and Play game in the Android Market and also the very first flash game to hit the $1 million mark. Almost a Hero Game has been downloaded millions of times within hours by various Android users all over the world on Google Play. Almost a Hero Game has excellent graphics and movie scenes, while providing excellent game play and also contains a high level of imagination and adventure.


Almost a Hero Game starts with the story of an ordinary young boy called Adam who lives in a peaceful village and is a member of the strongest mage family in the area. Unfortunately, everything changes when an unexpected tragedy occurs and Adam finds himself in the Unloved position. He then joins forces with his best friend Jack, who happens to be a well trained and experienced warrior-mage called Shade. Together, they embark on a daring quest to discover the reason behind the tragedy, while struggling against creatures called’Paradigm Shifted’ that have appeared across the land.


Almost a Hero Game has a great deal of similarity to the classic Legend of Zelda games. You will have to explore a large area filled with dungeons, save many interesting places as you go and do battle with hostile monsters and mythical creatures. The storyline of the game is very gripping and exciting. Throughout the game, you will also encounter immortal guardians called the ‘epics’ that protect the realms. These epic chests contain rare items that you can use for enhancement and even restorations to your skills.


Almost a Hero has a number of features that differentiate it from its contemporaries. Unlike the idle RPGs, almost a hero game has a rich storyline that keeps the player’s interest. If you like your games more action packed, this is definitely the way to go. Moreover, the hero controls the elements of the game, including combat, by clicking on the screen. Unlike other RPG games, where using the keyboard is more convenient, Android devices are better adapted to the touch screen interface.

Experience After Almost a Hero Gameplay

Almost a Hero (4)

Almost a Hero has six levels and each level contains a number of different ‘quests’, which are divided into three categories – timed challenges, which require you to find special items within a limited time; exploration, which give you a chance to gain knowledge about the environment and quest givers; and trials, which put you up against waves of enemies. Each of these categories has a series of quests, which are based on real life events. You can help the heroes and find out what happened to them. If you fail in a challenge, you will have to wait until you beat the next one. The trial stages are a little bit harder than the rest and will put you on your guard until you manage to pass one.

The timed challenges include a wide range of challenges – from a simple treasure hunt to a heart-stopping rescue mission. These timed challenges will keep you on your toes, as they require you to use your wings, climb trees and otherwise move around a restricted area while solving puzzles and solving problems. For each category of the timed challenges, there are a number of chests available which contain a variety of powerful items, but sometimes these chests are trapped and guarded by the villains.


Almost a Hero Game makes use of the technology behind touch-screen tablets and Android devices to create a very lifelike experience. You can tap on the screen to move your hero, use the camera to take a picture of him or her, and use the S-Pen to write a note to unlock special items. This takes all the fancy stuff out of playing an action-packed role-playing game, and instead makes it very simple and intuitive. When you are in a fight, all you have to do is aim and fire. The Android interface is clean and crisp, with large buttons and easy navigation. Even the pop ups that might annoy you during battles do not distract you as much as they would if you were using a touch-screen tablet.

Almost a Hero (1)

Almost a Hero Game is one of the best free Android games out there for any level of player. It is challenging enough to keep you on your toes, and the various heroes available will keep you interested until the game’s end. I particularly like the way the game rewards you for being a virtual citizen by giving you free items, which is also a nice touch.