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Age of Magic Game has been developed by Cryptic Studios. It is one of the best MMORPG games that are available in the market today. You can also get Age of Magic Game Latest Update, How to download Age of Magic Game, Age of Magic that is truly working perfectly for android, and now those people feel so satisfied with us.

In this game, you will be playing an immortal who will fight for the justice of the world, against powerful magical creatures. This game has got the recognition of leading game magazines worldwide.

The popularity of this game has created a number of follow-up products like Age of Magic Game Pro, Premium Pro, and Age of Magic Game bundle.

Age of Magic Game Story MOD APK

Age of Magic (3)

Age of Magic Game pro offers various modes to the players to choose from, such as the Campaign mode that is available for free. This campaign mode allows you to earn more gold, learn new skills, select your hero, choose your gear, unlock new achievements, and increase your levels.

We have devised some of the best strategies to make your hero strong and learn various strategies. The most important aspect in this game is the campaign mode, where your hero has to go through different levels, which are based on different campaigns. When you are progressing in this mode, you will also be unlocking some of the exciting features.


There are several quests available for you to complete in this app, such as Dark Age of Magic, City of Heroes, Fire of Angels, Rise of the Phoenix, and others.

When you complete these quests, you can then move on to the next level. Each of these quests will have a set of tasks that need to be completed, and at the same time you will also be having to defend your castle, protect your villagers, attack the enemy, and much more.

You can select which of these quests you wish to do, and at the same time the ones you wish to skip. Although the campaign mode gives you a brief overview of what you should expect, it is advised that you read the details of these quests so that you would know exactly what you are doing.


The rewards of the different quests are also split into two categories, allowing you to pick the ones you really want. For example, in the campaign mode, you have the choice of getting one of the five shards of energy, one of the three shards of health, one of the three shards of wisdom, or one of the five golden coins.

It is also possible to get the rare item shards, rare gems and much more. You also have the choice between getting the items in the shards or the boxes.

In the campaign mode, you will notice that there are also chests and gem papers that are dropped. The chests normally contain either one or two items depending on the chest, while the gem papers contain three to five items depending on the crate.

It is important to note that the rare items and runes you can get in the chests are not shared with other players. The only exception to this rule is the rune cube, which can be picked up by anybody.


Age of Magic (1)

If you are wondering where to find these chests, the answer is easy. If you go inside the forest of Westfall, the Defias windmill and the cave where the battle with the darkspear was done, as well as the area where the elite legion of the undead resides, you might be able to find these treasures.

You must however be wary of the traps they could leave behind, like spider eggs, traps created by archers and even lava. The Defias windmill is guarded by the archers, so make sure you bring along good arrows or blow them away from you. When going inside the cave, be careful not to activate the lava and walk into it, or the monsters inside will attack.


Age of Magic has two modes, the Storyline and the mode, each with their own sets of rewards bonuses. In the Storyline, you will see two quests, one for the Druids of the Alliance and the other for the Horde.

Once you complete the quests, you will get rewarded with a golden compass that will lead you to the location of the next map area, revealing the location of the next shard, or the final treasure chest guarded by the lich lord himself.

The mode allows you to play the game as any of the four main characters in the Age of Magic – Ion Storm, Kael’thas Sunstriker, Archimonde, and High Inquisitor Fairbanks. You start with a single character and you can switch to other characters anytime you like, even changing your entire party.

To earn rewards in this mode, you have to do some quests and go to the hub areas and other portals where new quests are available.

The campaign mode also comes with its own set of rewards, which include unlimited money and items, special costumes for all characters, the epic flying mount, as well as a collection of rare rewards. The shop where all these items are sold can be seen in the portrait area of the World map.


Age of Magic Game is an online role-playing video game that is fully-loaded with tons of features that will surely amaze you. You can explore dark lands of Pandaria to find out the secret behind the evil king of the Krell.

In addition, you will also have fun exploring the strange lands of Xoroth. Experience After Age of Magic Game, where you get the chance to be a Planeswalker in this amazing virtual world.

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Age of Magic (2)

Age of Magic is an exciting turn-based tactical role playing video game being launched in the year 2021. There are currently over 50 unique hero characters available in this game.

Age of Magic is a fantasy campaign mode, featuring different episodes revolving around the theme of good versus evil. You can also add other powerful characters into your own team using special powers and abilities.


Age of Magic is considered as a spiritual sequel of the popular World of Warcraft. Here, you can explore the magical world of Hyperspace, vicious battle dragons and use amazing powers against the enemy team.

The in-game campaign mode allows you to switch between the different heroes of the game and take up different roles during game sessions. It is also possible to switch between various maps and environments in order to explore different aspects of the magical realm.

Age of magic mod apk download unlimited money

Age of Magic has many exciting features, one of which is the use of special skills and abilities that will help you in battles. Once you activate a skill, you can activate it repeatedly for more positive effects on the combat.

If you are the main character, you can also tap special skills and abilities of other heroes to give yourself an edge over the competition. Some of these skills are only available to certain characters of the same class, while others are available to any character regardless of their class.


You can select one of several heroes of this Age of Magic Game to be your party’s primary hero. You can control the actions of your entire party by using the provided menu of the Wii console.

By tapping the corresponding icon on the main screen, you can send your fighters into battle, fight against the enemy or simply stand still and protect your base. Your fighter can attack and move during turns, but he will not be able to do anything else during those turns.

Experience After Age of Magic Gameplay

Age of Magic (4)

When you activate certain special skills and abilities of your heroes, special shards will be generated by the game’s magic system. These shards will then be added to your fighter’s hit points, increasing his damage output. When the blue button on the d-pad is pressed, the shard will be added to your fighter’s current hit point total. Using a green button will remove a single shard from your fighter’s current hit point total. Doing this a second time will result in the loss of a single shard.


If you like adventure games that have a time-limited goal, then you will surely enjoy the various challenges that are offered in the Age of Magic Game.

During the early parts of the game, you will be given several missions by the guilds and you will have to complete them before you can proceed to the next level. Each of these missions will have different objectives and they will also be accompanied by a series of obstacles that will make your journey more difficult than it initially seems.

When you complete a particular mission, a number of new shard fragments will be generated and you will have to collect them to proceed to the next area. The blue button on the d-pad will also be used to activate the battle arenas in order to trigger the fight between you and your opponents.


If you really want to become a top ranked magician, then you have to make sure that you have mastered all the possible special skills that your character can have.

The most important of these special skills are the flying, healing, stealth as well as stun capabilities. If you have learned how to use these special skills in order to cause as much damage as possible to your opponent’s, then your chances of becoming top ranked will be pretty high.


However, if you have not yet acquired any of these special skills, then it will be quite difficult for you to catch up with other players who have mastered every single skill available to them.